Martins Frequently Asked Questions about Funerals

People ask many questions about funerals. And, if you use Martins funeral parlour you might have just as many queries that need answering.

Most people have the same questions – so this might assist you in finding out the right answers.

Martins Funeral Parlour Explains Why funerals are so expensive?

The main reason is that funeral homes put a lot of personal effort, care and consideration into their work. Martins funeral parlour realise that a funeral is a time of great sadness for the family. Nonetheless, they must adhere to all the proper procedures and formalities in the challenging atmosphere of mourning.

Martins Funeral ParlourRespect for the dead is paramount, yet there are legal aspects to consider, and the funeral parlour must make arrangements with the relevant authorities, assemble documents, etc. The process takes time and patience

Funeral arrangements are numerous. One must choose the casket and a gravedigger must dig a grave. The relatives must agree on a head stone. The tombstone maker must decorate the headstone as per the requirements of the family. Martins must arrange the transportation of the body, not to mention embalming. You as the family don’t have to worry during this difficult time –  mourning the loss of your loved one.

Needless to say these things take time and as we all know time is money and professional rates are expensive. You might find lower priced funeral arrangements but at what cost? You don’t want the added burden of a funeral gone wrong. Who needs to bury someone twice?

How soon After Death Can One Hold the Funeral?

People prefer the funeral to be soon after death so that life can get back to normal. However funerals are not to be rushed. There are a host of legal documents needed. Many laws apply. Rushing a funeral isn’t recommended.

It is also important to make sure that you are familiar with the deceased person’s wishes before you start the funeral arrangements.

What documentation Do I need When There is a Death?

There is always uncertainty as to what type of documents you need to have, especially if the deceased has funeral cover. If you don’t include the right documents, the insurance firm will delay payment.

Therefore it’s important to read through the Medical Aid Plan the deceased signed to see the documentation they require.

It ‘s vital to have the death certificate, your ID and the ID of the beneficiary plus the insurance paperwork.

What happens when a person dies in a car accident, suicide or murder?

When a person dies in a car crash or in unnatural circumstances, authorities take the body into custody and sent it for a post-mortem examination.  Usually the body arrives at the nearest government mortuary where a family member identifies the person before the coroner supplies a death certificate.

Martins Funeral Parlour hope they have answered some or all of your questions. As you can see, a tremendous number of man hours go in to just one funeral. These hours cost money, but in return you get a caring, passionate service from professionals who are dedicated to their task.

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