Getting Funeral Insurance Quotes from Hollard

If you’re thinking of getting funeral insurance quotes, there is plenty of information on the Internet. The Internet also allows for you to compare quotes conveniently online.

It is always important to get a good grasp on funeral insurance because the details of one policy can differ from one insurance provider to the next. So you want to know how much the insurance will mean to your beneficiaries so they can cover your funeral expenses. You don’t want to make the mistake of opting for the cheapest one. Then the benefits may not be sufficient to protect you.

With funeral insurance, you pay monthly premiums for a certain amount of cover. So the sum insured ranges from R5 000 to R50 000 and sometimes more. The insurance company pays the amount to your beneficiary when Getting Funeral Insuranceyou die. The only way to guarantee that you get the money is to invest in a renowned and trustworthy funeral plan services provider.

Getting Funeral Insurance Online

People take a lot of time to research the best funeral policy service providers in South Africa before they get funeral insurance. They have put in a lot of effort to find out all the nitty-gritty details about these funeral homes. They’ve brought all the best ones together and give you a complete, authoritative reference on funeral insurance quotes from reliable sources. One of the funeral societies on these lists is the BEST Funeral Society.

The BEST Funeral Society started more than a decade ago. They offer tailor-made funeral benefits and value-added funeral products to their customers. Some of their value-added benefits include:

  • Accidental death benefit – the benefit pays out on death because of an accident and is usually less or the same as the primary policy.
  • Body relocation.
  • Vehicle access.
  • Airtime.
  • Family-provider and legal assistance.
  • Electricity vouchers.
  • Butcher and Grocery benefits.
  • Immediate financial assistance within 48 hours and with the right documentation. And customers can make claims telephonically, and BEST makes sure they deal with the clients in all 11 official languages. Their call centre is open 24/7. You can also download their claim forms on their website and fax them back to BEST on +27 11 836 8573.


Hollard is the Underwriter – a Trusted Name

Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited is South Africa’s biggest privately-owned insurance group. And they hold short-term and life insurance licenses. They underwrite most classes of insurance business in South Africa. Hollard invests in people who make a difference, such as Best Funeral Society. People rely on Best because:

  • They offer different packages to ensure dignified funerals.
  • They’re affordable.
  • Also they have technology behind them to identify fraud.
  • And tThey’re efficient with well staffed and equipped call centres.

Getting funeral insurance, you won’t be subject to medical examinations and health questions. Impressively, the BEST Funeral Society started up in 1997 in association with Hollard.  They are an authorised financial services provider. Therefore they understand the requirements of their customers who come from a diverse group – retailers, businesses, churches, funeral directors, burial societies, stokvels and unions, and they’ll understand you.

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