Funeral Insurance South Africa from Old Mutual

When you are looking for funeral insurance South Africa has many providers. A funeral plan has to come from a reputable insurer of long-standing and with an impeccable record. Funeral insurance is designed to make sure the next of kin have access to the money they need to pay for your funeral. Take funeral cover from a fly-by-night, unknown funeral services provider and you could end up getting nothing in return.

Do thorough research on burial insurance. With funeral insurance, South Africa has control over the type of premiums you want to pay. You also have control over what benefits you want to enjoy. You pay according to what you can afford, which is precisely why funeral insurance from Old Mutual is accessible – it’s affordable and flexible.

Affordable Funeral Plans from a Reputable Source

Old Mutual’s Funeral Care Plan starts at just R31 a month.  There are another two plans and between the three you can select according to your need. You can also cover your partner, children, parents as well as extended family members.

Funeral Insurance South AfricaThere is also the Single Adult Family cover which is a welcome change for single parents because they can get cover for themselves and their children. They don’t have to pay cover for a spouse they don’t have. Other benefits included are:

Terminal illness benefit.
Cashback payment every three years.
Grocery benefit. This benefit applies to the Standard and Comprehensive + Plans. When a person dies, the family will receive payments for 12 months.
More Cover Benefit. When you buy either the Standard or Comprehensive+ Plan, with the More Cover Benefit, you can get 10% more cover at no extra cost.
An education benefit.  This benefit only applies to the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plans. After your death, your children can continue their studies from this benefit for 12 months.

Funeral Insurance South Africa – So Much More

With the Comprehensive+ Plan from Old Mutual, which is just a mere R8 more than the Care Plan, you get so much more:

  • Maximum starting cover – R70 000.
  • Accident- as well well as double accident death cover.
  • Retirement Paid-Up Benefit – cover continues when the policyholder turns 65, even though the premiums stop.
  • Cash Back every 36 months.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Premium Holiday – over the span of your policy you can miss up to 6 premiums.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit – if the insured has a terminal illness that will result in death in 12 months, Old Mutual will pay 50% cover immediately.
  • Paid Up Benefit.
  • Restart Benefit – if your plan lapses for any reason, under some cases you can restart it again.

Funeral Insurance South Africa – Extensive Offerings

Old Mutual also has their Burial Society Support Plan, which is popular with churches, clubs, co-ops and burial societies. With low monthly premiums, they also provide financial education workshops to help your Burial Society achieve financial freedom.

The Burial Society will also have access to More4U value added services. These are useful services such as emergency medical response,  legal support, assault and HIV treatment among others.

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