My Zororo Funeral Insurance

It can be a relief for Zimbabweans living in South Africa to know that not everyone is against them. People care about what happens to them. My Zororo Funeral Insurance has made provision for them should they strike hard times in South Africa. Their Zororo-Phumulani products have helped many Africans cope with death and to get a decent send off in a foreign country – South Africa. Any Zimbabwean resident in South Africa can join this funeral plan, and there is no joining fee, just the month by month premiums.

Zimbabweans have choices between the different MyZororo funeral insurance plans:

  • Delux Gold – premium of R185 a month with a payout f R28 000.
  • The Delux Silver – a payment of R175 a month with a payout of R25 000.
  • Delux Bronze – a premium of R155 a month with a payout of R20 000.


My Zororo Funeral Insurance Waiting Periods

  • Death by natural causes – 3 months.
  • Aaccidental death – 1 month.
  • Death by suicide – 2 years.
  • For extended family members in Zimbabwe, death by natural causes is six month, by accident one My Zororo Funeral Insurancemonth and by suicide 24 months.
  • To join MyZororo Insurance, you must be 18 years of age and not older than 59 years.


Benefits of Plans from My Zororo Funeral Insurance

  • Hearse and casket.
  • Grocery allowance – up to R6 000 for Delux Bronze, R7 000 for Delux Silver and R8 000 for Delux Gold.
  • Bus benefit.
  • Tombstone.
  • Cremation option.
  • Church stand, carpets, tents, chairs umbrellas.
  • Assistance with all documentation.
  • A courtesy vehicle for Silver and Gold plan but not for the Bronze Plan.
  • Video filming plus PA system.
  • Church stand, carpets, tents, lowering device, water browser, etc.
  • Road evacuation.
  • A generator for two days applies to the Gold Plan but NOT for the Silver- and Bronze Plan


Moonlight Extended Family Funeral Plan

A plan for extended family members who stay in Zimbabwe can be added to this plan. You get the Delux Gold, Delux Silver and Delux Bronze Plan

  • Premiums are R85 a month for Gold, R55 a month for Silver and R35 for Bronze Plan.
  • Hearse and casket.
  • Grocery allowance.
  • Bus benefit.
  • Tombstone benefit for Gold members, NOT for those on the Silver or Bronze Plan.
  • Assistance with all documentation.
  • Courtesy vehicle for Gold members, NOT for Silver or Bronze members.
  • Cremation option for Gold members, NOT for Silver or Bronze members.
  • Video filming for Gold and Silver members, NOT for Bronze members.

Getting your Moonlight policy is simple, whether you are single or married and whether you have kids or not. You can fill in your details online or you can download it and fill it in with a pen. Either way the forms must be signed by you and faxed to 0865950639 or submitted to one of their offices. You then receive a reference number to be used when you make payments at Shoprite Stores, Checkers, Pep or Pick ‘n Pay Stores. You can also choose a debit order as a way of payment each month.

Join MyZororo today. South Africa doesn’t offer any guarantees, but they can make sure that if you die in South Africa, there won’t be any stressful death issues for your family to contend with.

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All info was correct at time of publishing