MyZororo Moonlight Funeral Policy

Maybe you don’t like the idea of funeral insurance. But one very positive thing it can do for you is spare your family, who are often unemployed, the anxiety of finding some money to pay for your funeral. Perhaps you should look at the MyZororo Moonlight Funeral Policy

Zororo Funeral Insurance takes care of all those little details that you would never consider. Zororo-Phumulani funeral plan is something new and upon signing up, you’ll get a membership card.  Importantly, with a Zororo-Phumulani funeral plan you know you have everything under control.

The MyZororo Moonlight Funeral Policy is for Zimbabweans in South Africa. Remember that Moonlight Funeral Assurance & Services started in 1995. The funeral plan began in partnership with KGA, a registered South African funeral assurance company. Significantly, the idea behind the funeral insurance is to target MyZororoZimbabweans who live in South Africa.  Today they have about 40 branches, and members of the funeral plan pay their premiums at selected stores in South Africa.

Details of the MyZororo Moonlight Funeral Policy

The funeral plan comes with convenient payment methods such as debit order or cash payments. And these can be made at South African stores such as:

►Pick n Pay

Also, for their efforts, services and products, they have received the Carl Faberge Award for Creativity and Innovation. Also, Moonlight Provident Associates were also the first to introduce their all-in-one Cash-Back plan and Flexi payment programme.

And here are just some of the services and products suitable for Zimbabweans:

  • Individual policies.
  • Group funeral plans.
  • All-in-one cash-back plan – on this plan, you get 4 Deluxe Plan options –
    – Neptune Deluxe
    – Jupiter Deluxe
    – Venus Deluxe
    – Uranus Deluxe
  • Priority Club.
  • Prepaid.
  • Products & Services.

MyZororo Moonlight Funeral Assurance & Services has products suitable for anyone. So people who already have the Moonlight Zororo Phumulani Funeral Plan will say there are some good reasons to join this plan.

Positive Aspects of MyZororo

  • It’s risk-free so members will always get every item their premium permits. Their money is safe. Conveniently, you are protecting your assets and savings too.
  • Repatriation from South Africa to Zimbabwe for up to 6 people.
  • The policy will be transferred to Doves Zimbabwe if you do opt to return to Zimbabwe. The plan remains valid in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • There is a three-month waiting period for natural death and immediate cover for accidental death.
  • The cover is from R135 per month.
  • The beneficiary receives an additional R20 000 cash for accidental death if the primary member dies.
  • Members can benefit from a dignified funeral to the value of up to R18, 000. And some of the benefits included are –
    -grocery allowance
    -bus transport
    -courtesy vehicle
    -catering equipment – tents, chairs, tables, water, generators, carpets, umbrellas, lowering devices
    -a tombstone in Zimbabwe
  • There is the opportunity to cover your extended family in Zimbabwe while in South Africa.
  • Certainly, no medical check up is required

If you’re a Zimbabwean living in South Africa, you never know what tomorrow may bring. So be prepared and save your family in Zimbabwe a lot of stress about getting your body back to the country of your birth. Get involved with MyZororo for the following:

  • Apply for funeral coverage in South Africa.
  • Send a Whatsapp to 0781313749.
  • Phone the office on 0218270618.
  • You can visit the Zororo website – where you can download the funeral plan application form.
  • You can also email them at –
  • If you’re in Zimbabwe you can also visit any Moonlight Branch for more info.


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