Don’t Wait Too Long to Apply for Seniors Funeral Cover

Seniors Funeral Cover is for older people who don’t want to put their families through the hassle of preparing for their funeral.

They want to avoid being a burden to their children. They don’t want them stressing over money issues when planning a funeral.

In South Africa it can cost anything from R7 000 for a basic funeral. If you add in all the frills it can cost up to 10, 20 and R30 000.

In a world that caters essentially for the younger generation, it isn’t surprising that those over 65 would wonder if there is any kind of insurance for them at all!

The Best Seniors Funeral Cover Insurance Comes from Reputable Providers

Seniors’ Funeral CoverAs it happens they really don’t need to be concerned, because there is cover.

In fact there is cover for the over 50s, the over 65s, the over 75s and even for those who are over 85 and beyond.

As with all insurance, read the fine print and only invest in insurance products from reputable service providers.

With seniors funeral cover your family will get a fixed lump sum when you die.
There are only very few insurance companies who ask for a medical exam but generally, all seniors can get a plan. This can be a relief.

What can I expect to Pay for Seniors Funeral Cover? 

Funeral plans for seniors start as low as R25 a month, but essentially what’s paid will depend on your age when you sign up and as with any insurance, seniors need to pay the premium consistently up to a specified point, otherwise they will end up getting nothing back.

It is important to do research however. There are some funeral plans for seniors where they pay premiums up to the age of 65. Thereafter they receive cover but they no longer are required to make a monthly payment.

Then again there are funeral plans that make seniors keep paying till they die. In essence, the longer you live, the more you pay, while the amount the senior receives back remains static.

If a senior lives for a long time and continues paying month by month, eventually they have paid in exactly what the policy promises to pay out. If they go on living for 10 or 15 years longer, not the policy holder, but the insurer scores.

Only Research Reputable Funeral Service Providers

Do research on the different funeral services providers. Some of the leading funeral services providers in South Africa are Doves, Avbob, Martins and Discovery among others. When you find a suitable one, they will give you several quotes surrounding their different plans.

Seniors Funeral Cover – The Longer You Wait the Costlier it Becomes

Bear in mind that signing up much later in life becomes more costly. The reason for this is that the older your are, the closer to death you are. Insurers know this and to cover the risk, the premiums for old people are far higher than for younger people.

The idea behind funeral cover for seniors is that their loved ones can receive a cash payment within 48 hours. This way there won’t be delays in making plans for a funeral.

Seniors funeral cover is important as it ensures that for a small sum of money each month, pensioners don’t incur the wrath of their children once they have passed on.

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