Hundreds of Zimbabweans Dying in South Africa Each Month

Zimbabweans dying in South Africa each month is something we often hear.

It’s laughable this ZSP permit renewal procedure. Because most Zimbabweans just stream into South Africa illegally, many times in possession of fake Zimbabwean documents.

Coming to South Africa where there are no jobs for them makes no difference as they’re escaping the mess in their country, and many are undocumented migrants.

Zimbabweans Dying in South Africa – It’s Survival of the Fittest 

Zimbabweans Dying in South Africa

Certainly, the deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe has resulted in an ongoing exodus of Zimbabweans looking for their pot of gold in the Rainbow Nation.

The South African embassy processes thousands of applications a month for those wanting to study and work in South Africa. In other words, for those looking for some form of economic refuge.

Nobody seems to have exact figures of Zimbabweans living in South Africa, but Zimbabweans certainly make up South Africa’s largest group of foreign migrants. Some rough estimates put the number of Zimbabweans in South Africa at anything from 1 to 4, 5 million.

Everybody’s looking For Hope in South Africa

There was a time when these migrants were mainly made up of young people desperately looking for work, but these days men, women, children, and the elderly of all ages come to South Africa looking for some humanitarian assistance.

Now and then Zimbabwean migrants have to be repatriated because of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals in South Africa. Then people die, and others lose their homes.

Death is Rife for These Unfortunate People Who want a Better Life

There is often news about Zimbabweans dying in South Africa. Young Zimbabwean students  die in their university hostels or their flats while they are studying in South Africa. Just last year a nephew of President Robert Mugabe, T.W. Garonga was found dead at a Johannesburg university.

A final year student at Rhodes University burnt to death in his apartment. But nobody can answer the question as to the reason so many Zimbabweans dying in South Africa; even Zimbabwean students are dying in unexplained circumstances.

Jobs are scarce in South Africans, and many Black South Africans have an intense hatred for Zimbabweans; they claim they are taking their jobs. The culture of crime in South Africa puts a different spin on these murders.

Zimbabweans realise that life in South Africa is no different to life in Zimbabwe, and they become depressed. They turn to drugs and alcohol.

Funeral Plans which Apply in South Africa and Zimbabwe

The pressure of not finding work in South Africa and struggling to cope far from home is causing many Zimbabweans to commit suicide. For them, nothing is going well in South Africa, and there’s no hope in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans dying in South Africa put additional pressure and stress on their families in Zimbabwe. With the bit of money they manage to make, they are putting it towards unique funeral cover designed for them.

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The Final Journey Comes For All of Us – Make a Plan Now

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