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In the Masai culture, cattle are treasured and in fact, the size of your herd indicates your status in the community and supplying a live cow for a funeral elevates your status even more.

The Masai use milk, raw beef, and blood from cows in their ritual drinks. Indeed, people kill cows, sheep, and goats the world over for festivals, celebrations and funerals. Interestingly, Muslims also sacrifice cattle in celebration of Eid al-Adha festival.

In South Africa, in many of the Black cultures, the family kills a cow at a funeral, depending on the wealth of the deceased.

The Blacks regard cows as a link between people and the spirit world. The cows slaughtered at weddings and funerals, bringing the ancestors closer to the living. That’s because the ancestors are very real part of many African’s belief systems.

City Dwellers can Now Access Healthy Cattle if They Intend to Donate a Live Cow for a Funeral

Live cow for a funeralThe word Nkomo means cattle in Zulu. These animals of greater value than money in certain African cultures and used more for funerals and weddings than any other events.

Urbanisation means that sometimes families have difficulty with getting hold of cattle for a funeral at short notice. Not only that, those want to buy cattle can never be sure of their quality, their health, and delivery. Everybody wants different features at their funeral. Fortunately, Martin’s Funerals provides the kind of funerals that their customers want.

As leaders in the funeral industry, their aim is to respect the wishes of their clients. Sometimes these requests include providing a live cow for a funeral.

Martins have Celebrated more Than 25 years of Excellence in the Industry

With premiums which start at just R40 a month, they offer many useful services and benefits. They will come to your home to discuss funeral services or they invite you to their offices.

Martins try to make things as convenient as possible. They provide services 24/7, and customers have access to a wide range of policies and products to suit every need.

One of their offerings is their iNkomo Benefit. This feature makes provision for the offering of live cattle for funerals.

Live cow for a funeral – These cattle have to be of the finest quality

  • they have to be younger than two years of age
  • they have to be in excellent health
  • prime Feedlot beef
  • Kanhym Life accredited cattle

Martins delivers the cattle countrywide, or you can collect them at Kanhym Life Kraal.

This is what Makes the iNkomo Provider with Martins so beneficial

The iNkomo Provider offers cows which live up to everything required for a funeral. The benefit is underwritten by those registered insurers who have contracts with Kanhym Life for the provision of the funeral cattle.

This iNkomo provider is available as an ‘add on benefit’. And you can add it to any existing funeral policy.

Certain rituals are still crucial in certain cultures, and Martins Funerals honour the traditions of everyone in the Rainbow Nation. They believe in addressing the needs of all South Africans.

So whether you live in the city or a rural area, if cattle play an important part in a funeral ceremony, Martins have the solutions.

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