Maxi Group Live Cattle Funeral Benefit

Certain cultures slaughter a cow as a pleasing gift to the ancestors. However, many traditional black people regard live cattle as money in the bank. So the more you have, the higher your status in the community.

Also, the cow symbolises the bridge between the living and the dead, so people never slaughter a cow for meat.

People consider them as a sacred sacrifice and treat them as part of the family. Therefore cattle are an important component of the funeral rites in certain African cultures.

Live Cattle Are ‘Lobola’ which Means “Bride Price.”

Live cattleIndeed, cows are lobola, bringing together the two families of the bride and groom into an extended family or a marriage of families.

The cow is their most prized possession. Interestingly, the bride’s family receives it to celebrate the family’s expansion, and therefore also the extension of the ancestors.

As part of the ceremony, a cow will be slaughtered to thank the ancestors for the meeting of the two families.

The slaughtering of the funeral cow is a very special occasion, marked by specific rituals. For instance, other cows never witness the killing of the cow.

The Routine Creates One big Happy family – Including the Cow

After slaughtering, a ritual is performed to ensure that the cow is glad to be part of the ceremony that takes place between the humans and the ancestors.

A designated family member will do the killing, and no part of the animal goes to waste. They reserve specific parts and organs of the cow for individual members of the family and then eat the meat fresh. And they make sure they retain no leftovers in storage.

Maxi Group Schemes offers a unique funeral cover plan with live cattle as a funeral benefit. Significantly, the Maxi Group Schemes is a business associate of some large organisations, such as ZZ2 and NATU among other.

iNkomo Cover is just One of the Products that Maxi Offers –

  • iNkomo cover is for the primary member, spouse, and children.
  • Your extended family may also be part of your cover, which applies to parents, parents-in-law, brothers, and sisters.


Waiting Periods

  • There is no waiting period if death is accidental.
  • For a natural death, the wait to claim is six months.
  • Nine months is the waiting period for parents and extended family.


Benefits of iNkomo Funeral Cover

  • No medical examinations or blood tests needed.
  • Claim payout within 48 hours of death, which allows this money to be available for the funeral.
  • Maximum of 8 children allowed on the plan. Even stillborn babies covered.


Healthy Live Cattle, with Specifications, are Part of this Benefit

  • They will be younger than 24 months.
  • Prime feedlot beef.
  • The weight of the cow will be more than 400kg.
  • Good health of cow guaranteed.
  • Kanhym accredited cattle are the only ones provided.
  • Free delivery takes place countrywide.
  • You can collect the cows at the Kanhym Kraals.


The value of this benefit is about R10 000 and Premiums start from R18 75. And for an extra R14 52 per month, a courtesy car supplied by AVIS will be available for your use. The car is available for six days.

Another optional extra is Tombstone Cover. However, this is only for the primary member and spouse. And you must pay an additional premium, and it only pays out three months after death.

Maxi Group offers these custom-made funeral packages at affordable prices due to their association with Unions, and Personnel Societies and their desire to be able to provide South Africans with the funeral products and services they require.

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