Lion Life Funeral Cover – Because It’s a Jungle Out There

Lion Life funeral cover is essential because life in the 21st century isn’t always as rosy as it may seem.

Life is cheaper now. And young and old die unexpectedly.

Even young people are looking at funeral policies in a new light. That’s just so that they can spare their family financial hardships. They are ready when death comes

It is important to understand the rules surrounding the value of your insurance policy so that the total cover you have paid, pays for all the funeral services and products you regard as most important.

As King of the Insurance Jungle, Lion Life will Protect you

Lion LifeLook at different funeral plans, compare them regarding your needs and only take out a plan with an insurer who has a good reputation, especially with paying claims.

As a South African life assurance company, Lion Life offers life cover, individual and funeral group schemes.

It is important to belong to a licensed funeral scheme that complies with the Insurance Act of South Africa. Make sure you check that out.

Lion of Africa is a company specialising in innovative life assurance and funeral cover. The funeral cover is for individuals, families, and group funeral cover schemes.

Lion Life Guarantees Your Membership

They are a short-term insurance company in South Africa. Lion of Africa guarantees your membership and will cover your family and extended family members. Maximum age at entry for the main member is 65 years of age, but the cover of an extended family is up to 85 years.

Let’s look at what you can expect from their funeral cover –

Funeral cover for individuals is competitive and premiums start from as little as R2 a day, however, individual funeral cover comes with a host of benefits –

  • Lion of Africa pays out R200 airtime benefit when the main member dies
  • access to legal aid, health advisor, emergency medical services and funeral assistance
  • repatriation services


Lion Life also offer Group Funeral Schemes – the Bigger the better

Lion Life

Lion of Africa’s requirements for a group scheme includes a membership of between 250 and 100 000 or more members.

These group schemes have the advantage of offering the individual worker the chance of affordable funeral cover at a lot less than if they had to buy their own individual policy.

Also, while the plans are standard, they are customisable, meaning they offer benefits according to the profile of particular workers. These include tailored group funeral death benefits for churches, burial societies, funeral directors, and stokvels.

Lion of Africa offers an Administrative platform, Offering assistance to Clients to manage their Portfolios

  • premiums are highly competitive
  • claims are made within 48 hours on receipt of the correct documents
  • accidental death has no waiting period
  • there is a waiting period for natural death


South Africa offers many innovative funeral cover schemes. Lion Life funeral cover can provide assurance that there will be a decent funeral for you or your loved ones when death calls.

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