A Classic 1939 Hearse is still in Operation – Go in Style

A Classic hearse is still in operation after all these years. That’s even though some people don’t care how their body will get around once they’re gone.

There are others who make sure they stipulate ahead of time what they want from a funeral. They want to go out in style.

Note that the entire funeral process is very different from individual to individual. Some people put much emphasis on the hearse – the last vehicle they’ll ever travel on while on planet earth.

A stylish Hearse from Yesteryear Becomes a Classic Hearse Today

Classic hearseHearses or funeral cars are those large, often black limousine-style vehicles. Funeral directors still use them today.

Some people love horse-drawn carriages while in some countries pall bearers carry the coffin to its destination.

Those dark, mysterious looking limousines, fascinate us. They often have sinister looking drivers, and these hearses lead scores of cars slowly towards the burial site.

Many hearses today are elaborate handcrafted beauties, much desired as collection items later on. What’s your idea of a hearse? Something modern and jaunty or something classic from yesteryear?

A classic hearse Has a classic History

America has had its own top luxury cars in the 1920s such as the Cadillac and Packard. The Packard had an impeccable reputation for smooth, silent reliable carriages. In fact, the Packard engine first inspired Enzo Ferrari with his love for 12-cylinder engines. But later, in 1923, a more modern 5.9 litre straight 8 replaced it.

The Rand Show has a broad variety of exhibitions. The show of 2013 attracted many classic car lovers to see what was on offer at the World of Motoring exhibition in Hall 5. Style is always something that makes a true classic, and some of these cars have a sense of individuality. They have survived everything that economics and legislation have thrown at them.

Manufacturers of these cars must have known that they will always be part of our motoring future. At the Rand Show of 2013, there was an exquisite 1939 Packard Hearse. A Pretoria funeral company imported the hearse. It appeared in the film ‘Cry the Beloved Country’.

A Working 1939 classic Hearse

Mike Collinge of Collinge and Company of Randburg, is the current owner. He said they wanted a vehicle to set them apart from other funeral directors.

They invested in the partly restored Packard, giving it back its original looking body, complete with original Packard wheels and hubcaps. Because the vehicle wasn’t going to be a show-piece but actually a working hearse, for the mechanical side of things they decided to go with modern car parts. The hearse has a Chevy V8 engine and the cabin has beautiful woodwork. The car has a front and rear Jaguar suspension.

Don’t allow nostalgia to be just a memory. This classic hearse was built to last. Organise your funeral and hearse now while there’s still time. And make sure your funeral is also one with memories designed to last.

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