How Artificial Flowers Are Used for a Funeral Wreath

Artificial flowers are certainly not new. But in these modern times, they are so realistic that one can easily confuse them with the real thing.

Real fresh flowers are a source of sheer joy and pleasure. So it’s no wonder that people try to copy them. People have made many ingenious attempts.

They use all sorts of different materials, including wax, shells, glass, wood, plastic, and many different kinds of fabrics and paper. People use a lot of paper and no wonder, for a funeral wreath, they are easy to make and have great decorative appeal. Before starting with your funeral wreath, familiarise yourself with their construction.

Tissue Paper Gives Artificial Flowers a Fragile Look


Artificial Flowers


You can make a perfectly beautiful funeral wreath with some papercraft techniques that will have your flowers looking natural and gorgeous.

Tissue paper is perfect for making artificial flowers and the colours available are stunning enough to give the flowers the glow and fragility of real ones.

Apart from the tissue paper, the only other materials required for making your artificial flowers are wire and stem covering. You can cover the wire stems with strips of green crepe paper, but rubberized garden tape can also be used.

You’ll need a pair of quality sharp, pointed scissors with a blade, wire cutters and a PVA glue or paste, Just for starters, for two flowers, for instance, you will need –

  • Two sheets of tissue paper, each in a different shade, such as magenta and lemon or pink and cream
  • 25-35cm galvanised wire
  • florists’ wire or green plastic-covered wired
  • green crepe paper
  • PVA glue or paste
  • polystyrene wreath

Easy to Make Real-Look Paper Flowers

Artificial Flowers There are plenty of step by step guides on the Internet to make exquisite paper flowers. Not all the flowers require wire stems – some ideas are just for paper flowers glued into the wreath.

Make holes in the wreath – about half and inch deep – by taking a knife and punching small holes along the circumference of the wreath.

Put a blob of glue into a few holes and insert your tissue paper flowers. Don’t put glue in all the holes at once because the glue hardens too quickly. Fill your wreath with your artificial flowers. If it looks a bit scant, punch more holes and fill them with flowers.

Options for Funeral Wreaths Unlimited

Your funeral wreath will add a splash of colour wherever it is required. A funeral wreath made with artificial flowers is an affordable solution to present a flower decoration solution for memorial services and funerals.

Remember that the quality of tissue paper varies from flimsy to firm, so it is worth buying the best available. This will give better, more long-lasting results. So the options for funeral wreaths are limitless, and it can become fun creating something personal.

Used on a table at the after-party, who knows, you may even be taking orders from those who admire it and want you to do the same for them at the next funeral.

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* YouTube video showing how to make beautiful little flowers from tissue paper. Click here!

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