Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan

The Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan is to give people a funerary send off which is both affordable and has dignity.

For as little as R90 a month Clientèle will provide for you in the case of death in the family.

People often wonder how long it will take for Clientele to pay claims once you register for a funeral plan.

Clientele will pay out all valid claims within 24 hours. Once they have all the correct and necessary documents in their hands, you can expect your payout.

Benefits of the Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan

Many benefits  come when you get funeral cover and register with Clientele for the Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan.

For instance, you will receive airtime so you can carry on important business. Once Clientele has approved your claim, you will receive R200 airtime on the telephone number you stipulate. There is also a handy grocery benefit.

With the Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan, you can take cash, or you can opt for vouchers, equalling an amount of R3000. The beneficiary will receive this for three months after the insured person dies, enabling you to stand on your feet again.

It will be your choice whether you want the full lump sum of R3000 paid out, or you can choose to have instalments of R1000 paid to you for the next three months. This valuable benefit forms a part of the total payment that is paid out.

The Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan also has a benefit called the Unveiling Benefit. That is a cash payment of R2Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan000 which becomes available to the beneficiary of the insured.

That is available within a 12 month period after the passing away of the insured. Here you can also choose when you want to receive the money to cover the unveiling. This benefit also is part of the total payment paid out.

How long Does It Take to Get Paid out

For a quick payout Clientele require certain documents from you. It is important to note what these documents are:

  • You will need a certified death certificate copy
  • A certified copy of a vital form, the DHA1663 form, which is the registration of death form.
  • Certified copy of the ID of the deceased person
  • Copies of the ID of the beneficiary


Who gets Cover?

You can cover yourself, your spouse as well as three children. You may also cover as many as eight extended family members, and all this on just one plan, this makes 13 people altogether that are eligible for insurance.

If any of these people were to pass away, all their funeral needs will be met. The plan will pay out for each of those members you have covered. If you want to add other members, you can – you will need just to pay for higher rates.


These sad times, unfortunately, do come, and to overcome the stress and feelings of inadequacy that prevail in such sad times, you can rely on the Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan. They give you their full backing and support, enabling you to have peace of mind and to make it easier for you to find your way forward.

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