The Cross Funeral Cover for Peace of Mind to the Last

We’re all used to receiving advice from people. But most times what appeals to others, won’t appeal to us. And so it is with funeral cover. You may be content with a simple, elegant funeral. However, the person advising you may be telling you about a sophisticated funeral with all the frills. When you or your family passes away, you want adequate, affordable cover from The Cross.  The key to getting appropriate funeral cover is to get organised.

The more you know about how funeral cover works, the better you can plan to spare your family financial stress. There are some funeral costs that you can’t avoid paying. But, with a little bit of research, you can take the services and products you need and leave out the rest.

Compare Until You get a Plan that Suits Your Budget

The CrossThe Cross Funeral Cover offers useful advice on how to plan the funeral to suit your budget and preferences. You can compare different funeral plans without having to dedicate time and resources to it. The Cross Funeral site is designed to assist South Africans in finding the cheapest funeral insurance policies.

Nobody can think when grief strikes and having a funeral plan in place can help you transition this dark period in your life with far less stress and trauma.  With a funeral plan, you can spare your family the anguish that comes with finding money to pay for your funeral costs.

..a befitting farewell

Cross Funeral Cover attempts to make the process stress free. Funeral plans can be bought with a single payment or through monthly premiums or fees. On the Cross Funeral Cover site, make sure to check what each plan covers. Whatever you decide, being organised will offer peace of mind. With The Cross Funeral Cover you’ll find ideas and tips so that you can hold a befitting farewell for yourself or a loved one.  The beauty of a funeral plan is that you know your surviving family members will have the financial ability to pay for the funeral of your choice.

On The Cross Funeral Cover Site, You’ll Find:


  • Burial cover for individuals or families as well as extended family members such as aunts and uncles
  • Funeral cover which can cost around R7 000 or funeral cover which can cost 30, 40 or R50 000
  • Funeral cover from different providers such as Doves, Avbob, PEP, Edgars, Clientele, Rentmeester and others
  • You’ll find cover for parents and even for people over the age of 80
  • A generous selection of providers and plans – have a good look at pre-paid funeral cover. The advantage of this kind of cover is that you pay for a funeral of the future but at today’s prices
  • Accidental death benefit – your family will get a lump sum if you pass away because of an accident during the waiting period of your funeral plan
  • Funeral cover which starts at a mere R25 a month
  • Fast claim procedures – payout between 24 and 48 hours
  • You’ll find funeral plans with different waiting periods
  • Most funeral plans won’t require medical tests


Provide for Longer Term Security

Providing for your longer term security is an essential ingredient of peace of mind. It is important to compare features and benefits when choosing a funeral policy simply because provisions vary with the different providers. Death comes unexpectedly, regardless of your age and whether you’re rich or poor. It is important to have a funeral plan if you want to spare your family bitterness and anguish about finding funds for your funeral.

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