Bolokonani Funeral Plans for People who Plan Ahead

Bolokonani knows that people avoid thinking about funerals, but it just makes it harder for them when death comes.

Funerals aren’t events reserved for senior citizens. Take a walk in a cemetery and you’ll see tombstones marking the graves of babies, children, young adults and the elderly.

By making arrangements in advance, you can protect yourself and your family from plenty of additional trauma.

The cost of a funeral has risen dramatically, so it’s no wonder that a funeral plan is a prize in competitions and as an incentive to get people to pay their TV licences.

By taking out a funeral plan with Bolokanani, you can accept responsibility for the costs of this inevitable event that we must all face at some unknown time.

Bolokonani equals Affordability and Simplicity

BolokonaniYou can say what you like; funeral plans are a way for you to take control of funeral costs as well as the format of the funeral.

Bolokonani formed after seeing the need for uncomplicated, simple and straightforward funeral insurance they also attempted to keep up with the times.

They have invested in specialised software for funeral insurance administration to ensure they can always offer their customers quick, efficient and professional services.

Bolokonani has established a business relationship with Safrican Insurance Company and this relationship helps with achieving success with the claims and administration process. Bolokonani offers family funeral plans and plans for individuals.

Some features of Bolokonani Funeral plans

  • The family funeral cover starts at just R66 a month
  • Payments are between R7 000 and R20 000
  • A monthly premium covers the entire family, partner and own children
  • This plan is for anyone under the age of 73 years – there are no medical examinations
  • It’s a great policy for those who also want to cover their domestic worker
  • When a claim is submitted with the correct documentation; payment is within 48 hours
  • Accident cover is immediate
  • There is a 9 month waiting period

Cover for extended Family Members

Bolokonani also offers Extended Family Funeral Cover at an affordable sum of R146 per month. The sum you receive will be paid out in cash to the beneficiary and within 48 hours with the correct documentation.

This cover will pay out R1000 after completing 3 years without claiming.

With this plan, any extended family member who is older than 6 years of age can join and there is no maximum entry age.

Nobody who joins Bolokonani will have to endure a medical examination. The cover is now available to people living in Swaziland and Lesotho.

Where can You pay your Premiums each Month?

  • Spar stores
  • PEP stores
  • Ackermans
  • Shoprite and Checkers
  • Usave stores
  • Pick n Pay Stores
  • Boxer Stores

Avoid Resentment from Family members left to Pay the Bill

Funeral prices are rising dramatically and it’s become more important than ever to review your plans for the future.

Life is for doing whatever your heart desires. It also means making the right choices like having a good funeral plan in place.

Money is tight for most people these days. Without a funeral plan in place, your family might resent you for leaving everything up to them.

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All info was correct at time of publishing