Types of Tombstones

The tombstone, headstone, gravestone or cornerstone are all one and the same types of tombstones. And you should choose carefully.

That’s because the various types of tombstones stand as a representative of the deceased person.

PerhPerhaps need headstones for a couple, for instance. Then you can go for a companion headstone which is specially for two individuals.

Tombstones in the 21st century are all about personalisation and uniqueness.

Make sure the Cemetery Allows your type of Tombstone

Types of TombstonesThe inscriptions which appear on the gravestone are a reminder of the person and their lifestyle.

For the inscription, you can choose from different lettering fonts and different finishes. These gives the tombstone an utterly unique look. Because the inscription on the tombstone will reflect the individual, you will find laser etched photographs, Bible verses, symbols and emblems included on the gravestone.

While there are many different types of tombstones available which give a person options , there are many cemeteries which comply with certain codes of practice. They will tell you what kinds of materials they allow in their cemetery and which size the tombstone can be so as to maintain some kind of uniformity.

There are some cemeteries for instance who will dictate that the stones be a certain shape or position to allow grass cutters to keep the cemetery immaculate.

More and more people are moving away from traditional tombstones and looking at other options. Tombstones are available in several different shapes such as tablet, plaque, nameplate, block, capped stone, pedestal and sculptured cross as examples. You can also opt for either a flat headstone, slat or bevel grave marker.

Which Material will stand the Test of Time?

What kind of material for a tombstone represents the person the gravestone is for? Headstones can come in lots of different materials such as granite, stone, bronze, slate or marble for instance. People erected wooden headstones in the 1700s and were still standing as recently as 1930.

Marble is one of the world’s most popular gravestone materials and is easy to carve. Venus De Milo and the Statue of David are just two of the world’s most famous statues in marble. Of course longevity is a prime concern when choosing a tombstone. And while marble may lose its lustre, it offers longevity.

Granite Types of Tombstones

Gravestones made from granite are attractive, durable and easy to maintain. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to stick with grey and black, because modern granite headstones are available in a host of colours like white, pink, red, pink, blue and green.

Some people like to choose a tombstone with a vase so that they don’t have to worry about supplying a container for flowers. There are many ideas you can incorporate into a tombstone to make it amazingly different to any other you know.

Take a Picture of your Tombstone

If you’re not sure about what tombstone you want, a visit to a cemetery will give you some good ideas. You can haul out your cell phone and take a picture and ensure you’re remembered by a headstone you personally selected. When you apply for funeral cover be sure the cost of the tombstone will be covered in full.

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