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There are always going to be risks involved if you don’t choose your funeral home carefully. Sometimes unregulated funeral services providers spring up. Unfortunately, they don’t offer consumer protection disclosures and they can’t or won’t provide prices for their goods and services. But Tough Times Transport Services is a great option.

It is always important to do some research and to only choose reputable funeral services. A good idea is to have a look at the website too, and in this instance, Tough Times Transport Services offers an attractive internet site, laying out all their services and their contact details. Also, they have also received testimonials from clients who have already used their services. And these customers thank Tough Times Transport for their excellent services.

What people appreciate about Tough Times Transport Services is that all their transport problems are a thing of the past regarding getting the body to where it should be. And they offer long distance transport of the deceased but also for their families. Also, they have specially adapted Toyota Quantum’s hold the coffin and can accommodate as many as four family members.

Information Supplied by Tough Times Transport

Tough Times Transport Services

  • How to choose a coffin.
  • How to make a choice between cremation and burial.
  • What is funeral insurance?
  • What is a eulogy and is it necessary.
  • The death of a parent.
  • The death of a child.
  • What is a ‘green’ or environmentally friendly funeral?
  • How to choose a tombstone.
  • They offer so much more than just valuable information on their range of services and products.
  • Information on HIV/Aids…. and much much more

Tough Times Transport provides so many services to their customers that they cover simply everything concerning a funeral. And you get complete professionalism and respect throughout all your dealings with Tough Times. So you just get a good feeling you’re dealing with the right people.

More Details About Tough Times

  • They are available to take your calls night and day, every day of the year.
  • Tough Times guarantee the transport of the deceased within 24 hours.
  • They have a fleet of specially converted air-conditioned Toyota Quantums with tinted windows for privacy. And their vehicles have tracking devices.
  • Nobody likes to deal with complicated documents and Tough Times will take care of all the legal documentation for you, so this can be a huge relief.
  • You can chat to them anytime you like for their rates. And they charge a  rate of R5 per kilometre (negotiable).
  • Tough Times Transport covers any destination in South Africa as well as countries in Southern Africa.
  • Cross-border repatriation to all SADEC countries, including international returns.
  • After hour pick-ups.
  • Embalming for cross-border transportation.


Having Support Smooths the Road Ahead

You’d think that with so much on offer, then you’d have to pay a fortune for all these services. Why don’t you call them and see why so many people all over South Africa put their implicit trust in Tough Times Transport Services? Death is always a sad occasion, but with a reliable and caring team behind you, then the road to recovery is just that much smoother.

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