Environmentally Friendly Funerals

Many people are latching onto the idea of green, environmentally friendly funerals. Death is final, but green funerals are a wonderful way to give new life.

Planning a funeral is stressful because it is mostly cold, formal and definitive. But environmentally friendly funerals are different because they lend continuity. No only to they contribute to preserving the environment, they leave something of the dead behind for the family to cherish. Instead of a  cold, unfeeling cemetery, you lie among trees and meadows.

When someone you love passes away, it can be heart-wrenching visiting them in a regular cemetery. You even, in a silly fashion, feel guilty that you put the deceased in a cold, unfeeling place. With environmentally friendly funerals, you lay your loved one to rest in beautiful, natural settings. If you opt for a bio-urn for instance, then a tree grows from your ash in the buried urn. This action is very popular for those who want their loved ones to ‘live on’. You’ve provided a final ‘gift’ to nature, yourself and the deceased.

Environmentally Friendly Funerals

Environmentally Friendly Funerals – Who Says Embalming is Obligatory?

A burial without any legalities such as repatriation does not require preserving the body. But usually, people are kept for an ordinary funeral in the traditional way.

The embalmer inserts certain ‘foreign’ fluids into the body. The fluid consists of water, ethanol and formaldehyde. Over time, these chemicals seep into the surrounding soil. Environmentally friendly funerals do not include embalming, making natural burials a much healthier, natural alternative to embalming.

It’s not just the embalming process that causes so much damage the environment, but the coffins too. Slowly but surely, people who are concerned about the environment are steering away from coffins made from expensive, toxic materials. It isn’t the wood used in the coffin; it’s the hardware – the brass or copper handles, the screws and nails as well as glues. The idea behind an environmentally friendly funeral is to go for eco-friendly coffins. Makers of biodegradable coffins use bamboo, wood or cardboard in their construction.

Environmentally Friendly Funerals – You Can ‘Cut Back’ in Every Area

If you want a green burial or green cemetery, there are restrictions on the products you are allowed to use. Good directors know this. They work hand in hand with funeral services authorities and know exactly the requirements.

You can even opt to ensure your funeral is eco-friendly, right down to the catering. There are many food directories on the Internet that give you ideas on catering for your ‘green’ funeral. Remember, if you don’t want to receive flowers, you can request a ‘in lieu if flowers’ option. Then the flowers money goes to support a worthy cause.

Environmentally Friendly Funerals – The Natural Choice

Soon the trees will all be gone. To ensure future generations will have the raw materials they need to live on this planet, why not make plans for an environmentally friendly funeral? They’re cheaper, and they offer value in many different ways. Tough Times Transport should be your natural choice.

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