Importance of a Body Repatriation Package

To die in a foreign land must surely be a terribly sad ending to anyone’s life. And what is even worse, is to have to be buried in a foreign country. But investing in a cheap body repatriation package in South Africa takes the worry out of this situation.

What is Body Repatriation?

Body Repatriation is the process of returning a body to its place of birth or citizenship. Significantly, entailed in this are:

  • Transport costs, which depend on the location of death.
  • Mortuary charges
  • Possible embalming fees
  • Legal administration and documentation

In South Africa, and especially in Gauteng, lots of foreigners come for the greener pastures and luxury lifestyle of the major cities. However, with a flashy way of life, though, often comes debt, and this, in turn, leads to crime and corruption. The result is invariably tragedy and death.

Body Repatriation to Zimbabwe

Body Repatriation to Zimbabwe

Depending on the funeral director, transport costs for the corpse from South Africa back to Zimbabwe can cost anything from R10,000 to R 20,000. And this does not even include the lengthy documentation, which is also necessary. So it’s no wonder then, that so many illegal repatriations take place every day.

Nearly 100 bodies pass from South Africa back into Zimbabwe every week.

Because of this, funeral directors, seeing a gap in the market, have jumped in, and are offering an assortment of body repatriation packages to suit every need. Fortunately, satellite offices have opened in both countries to accommodate their clients.

What a Body Repatriation Package Includes

The packages offered have attractive benefits and are tailor-made to suit your needs. So in the light of the exorbitant cost of repatriation, you should consider the following requirements:

  • A funeral service
  • A Toyota minibus to transport mourners accompanying the body.
  • A refrigerated trailer to transport the body.
  • All extra needs will incur additional costs.
  • Groceries for the grieving family.
  • Grave-digging services
  • All documentation necessary to bring the body home.


More Information

  • From as little as R29 per month.
  • Immediate cash payout within 24 hours of death.
  • No medical examination is necessary.
  • Anyone up to age 75 may apply.
  • Covers children from birth to 23 years.
  • For accidental death, they will pay out immediately. Otherwise, there is a three-month waiting period.
  • After 20 years of paying premiums, your cover is free.


Burial Society Packages

Zimbabweans who have settled in South Africa then created these societies out of necessity.  They are extremely popular and appear to work well.

  • As soon as the foreigners enter South Africa, officials ask them if they want to join a burial society.
  • They need to pay R1,000 to join and then pay R50 monthly.
  • There is a single payout to the family on their death for the funeral, groceries, and repatriation costs.
  • After this payout, the other members of the burial society immediately pay in R100 each as a recapitalization fee.

For peace of mind for both you and your family, you should consider a repatriation package of some sort. Certainly, every Zimbabwean is entering South Africa to find a better lifestyle, but he or she should consider the burden they put on their family if the need arises to repatriate their body to their family home. Everyone has the right to be buried in their country of origin. So get sorted today, so that at a time of mourning and grief, a body repatriation package takes care of these stressful affairs.

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