Hindu Funeral Colours

When it comes to a funeral and what colours are appropriate to wear, you will find that many cultures have their particular traditions and colours. With traditional Hindu funeral colours, white is the right colour for grieving.

If someone of the Hindu religion passes away, wearing white – a pure colour -is the choice of wear for the funeral.

In the Western world, in countries like the USA and the UK, black is the best colour for mourning. If you came to a Hindu funeral in a black dress, you would be considered rude and inappropriate.

Hindu Funeral colours Mean different Things

Hindu Funeral Colours

In the Western culture, when you wear black, you will notice it is not casual gear. People go to a lot of trouble to dress formally and even fashionably when it comes to their black clothing.

The Hindu religion dictates that formal clothing is not a sign of respect – people dress very casually to a Hindu funeral.

In the Hindu culture, colours play a very important role in life. Different Hindu funeral colours have different meanings.

  • White is pure and is a colour that you will see often worn by the highest social order in the Hindu religion, the Brahmin.
  •  Red in the Hindu religion is pure and innocent. That is why many young girls of the Hindu religion as well as married women dress in red for their funeral. That also means that any young blushing bride will choose red for her wedding dress.
  • Saffron is another beautiful colour that signifies purity in the Hindu culture.
  • Yellow is a sign of intelligence and of good education whilst green signifies living and life.
  • Blue is the colour for courage and determination.

Different Colours for Single and Married Women

IHindu Funeral Coloursf you want to know what Hindu funeral colours are best to wear, you will discover that it is just casual white clothing.

If you are a single young woman you can dress in any colour really, including white or yellow and even a bright colour like orange. The married women generally wear red to a funeral. The men will mainly be in white.

From the Western culture perspective, Hindu funeral colours or those worn at mourning ceremonies are fascinating. It is almost like the opposite of what the Western culture would wear. But colours mean different things to different people and cultures. Hindu funeral colours are a representation of the values in life, the position in society and your life’s mission.

Ritual Cleansing

Once the funeral is done, usually the family members purify themselves, usually in a river or other water. Some of the Hindus will bathe dressed in their white mourning clothes because death to them denotes impurity.

After that, the mourning clothes are discarded or washed before funeral goers can enter the home. Once home, the family will change their clothes.

A Hindu funeral is simple and solemn, and wearing bright  Hindu funeral colours or black might well mean you are being disrespectful to their deceased.

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