How To Dress For a Funeral

When attending the funeral of a deceased friend or family member, one wants to behave and dress for a funeral appropriately.

When a business person, an acquaintance or a loved one passes away, we want to bury the deceased with dignity.

After all, a funeral is a respectful occasion.

However, different cultures and countries treat funerals in different ways. What is appropriate in one culture or country may not be acceptable in another.

How to Dress for a Funeral – For Men

How to Dress for a FuneralIn Western culture, black is the traditional colour for the dress. Generally, for both men and women, the accepted colour is black.

With men’s wear,  wearing a black suit with a white shirt would be very acceptable and suitable. You can add a long neck-tie in a neutral colour.

A man could wear a blue suit and underneath the suit be wearing a black dress shirt accessorised with a red tie. The black dress shirt could go without a tie with the first button unbuttoned. As a guideline for the dress, it pays to think about the grieving family. You don’t want to be ridiculous or offensive by your dress on this day.

Some family members have the honour of being a pallbearer, and for this occasion, a man should certainly dress smartly. This will involve a dark suit. If you aren’t sure what the dress code will be like, for a pall bearer, the more conservative, the better.

How to Dress for a Funeral – Women and Children

When it comes to women’s wear, they should select classic attire for a funeral. Usually, a black dress with sleeves or a subdued suit with a jacket is suitable. Dark slacks are also appropriate with a shirt and jacket. Of course, you can wear other colours to a funeral too, but the idea is not to look as though you are seeking attention.

A dress other than in black is also suitable to wear under a dark jacket; although toned-down colours are best. With simple jewellery as accessories, this will be suitable.

Children need to be appropriately dressed too. Boys can dress like their father’s in trousers, and open-necked shirt. Girls can wear dresses, skirts or pants.

A funeral is a solemn occasion. And even children can be taught to show respect to those who have moved on by dressing appropriately.

Pay attention to the type of Funeral you are Attending and Dress for a Funeral

When you dress for a funeral the key is to be tasteful and conservative – more so if it is a religious service. Wearing revealing, suggestive clothing would be considered distasteful, inappropriate and attention-seeking.

It is one event where it is best to leave flip flops and shorts at home unless specifically requested to do so by the family. Elegant clothes are respectful, and they say something about the type of person you are – sensitive and caring.

Finally, remember what the season is and dress accordingly. Men could remove their jackets outside but it is always best to keep them on for the funeral services, and women should avoid sundresses – dress as if you were going to church or an interview.

Fashions and times are changing, but you still want to celebrate the deceased person’s life in keeping with what you believe the family would appreciate. Remember, A funeral is not a fashion show.

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