About the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA)

September 11, 2016

This article is about the NFDA which stands for the National Funeral Directors’ Association.

Some jobs can be quite gruelling, and for the people that do these jobs, it is a calling. The people who work in these specialised jobs have to have a unique set of skills. Funeral homes can be large organisations, or they can be smaller family run businesses. The people who work in these funeral homes need to be dedicated and trained to perform their jobs with skill and care.

You need to make lots of decisions when someone dies. Importantly, the funeral director’s role, under the guidance of the NFDA, is to guide customers towards making the right choices.

NFDA – It’s Important to Trust your Funeral Director

To benefit from the best products and services, you need to put your trust in funeral directors. So you want them to belong to the National Funeral Director’s Association so you can have confidence that your funeral director will be conforming to certain codes and regulations. Also, by belonging to such an Association, funeral directors can keep current with new legislation and trends in the industry. And this way they can offer their customers the best.

When a funeral director and funeral home becomes a member of the NFDA, they can opt for different kinds of membership:

  • They can be a full member – this for a fully operational funeral concern.
  • Limited membership – this is designed for a funeral outfit without mortuary facilities – a funeral business that doesn’t yet conform to all the requirements needed for full membership.
  • Affiliate membership – for each branch of a full member.
  • Associate membership – available to those within the area of operation of the NFDA who don’t perform the function of funeral directors.
  • Honorary membership – for those who have provided exemplary services to the funeral profession as well as to the NFDA National Funeral Directors’ Association – NFDA.


The NFDA brings Ethics into the Industry

The NFDA is an international organisation – the world’s leading funeral service association. Not only does the Association serve thousands of individual members representing thousands of funeral homes in some 45 countries around the world, but they also represent the ethics of the profession.

The Association provides funeral professionals with all the resources to manage their businesses with professionalism. In South Africa, the NFDA is a voluntary Association, established in 1949, and not for gain or profit. They are one of 5 representative associations in the funeral industry in South Africa. The NFDA:

  • This body serves South Africa and all SADEC countries.
  • Is governed by a Constitution and an Executive who are elected annually.
  • The NFDA is the oldest professional body of the funeral directors in Southern Africa.
  • The association unites the funeral industry, thus supporting all cultures and religions.
  • Maintains high professional and ethical standards, because it continuously interacts with authorities.
  • Abides by all the rules of the Association and also pledges to honour the code of conduct of the Association.


Ensure a Worthwhile Exit from Planet Earth

When a family member dies, you want to give them a worthy send-off. And the only way to ensure a decent funeral is to invest in a funeral plan from a reputable funeral home. So make sure that your funeral home is a member of the NFDA. Because they serve the public with integrity, and the entire Association stands for ethics, credibility and trust.

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