What are Cremation Caskets?

Cremation is now more popular than ever, and so are cremation caskets.

Most religions do not recognise cremation as a fitting way to dispose of a body. They prefer burial. But now people realise that cremation can be effective, dignified, and hygienic.

  • What makes it even more attractive is the fact that you can still have your traditional memorial or funeral service with the casket present, and have the cremation privately afterwards.
  • Another advantage is that the family can share the ashes. And some beautiful urns are available to house the ashes as memorial keepsakes.
  • Scattering the ashes is another little experience that the loved ones left behind can enjoy as a  personal ceremony.
  • The ashes have no health risks attached, and can not spread disease or odour.

Cremation Caskets

A cremated body needs to be in a container that does not have any metal parts. The container may even take the form of a cardboard box. The container should adequately cover the body, and be able to provide a feeling and atmosphere of respect and dignity.

However, if you want to have a traditional service before the cremation, it will be good to have a beautiful casket for this purpose.

A casket needs to be 100% combustible wood, cloth-covered wood, bamboo, wicker, wool, etc.

Green Caskets

  • These containers are easily biodegradable and don’t add any unnatural product or toxins to the earth as they decompose.
  • Craftsmen use natural products to make them, and these caskets will have little impact on the earth.
  • Low-impact materials include bamboo, organic cotton or wool, cork, banana leaf, and recycled cardboard.
  • These caskets have no metal finishes or chemical treatments.


 Jewish Caskets

  • In the Jewish religion, this casket is called an ”aron”.
  • It is a simple wooden box, usually made from pine, and without any metal.
  • They often have rope handles.
  • In this way, both the body and the casket are completely biodegradable.


Banana Leaf Cremation Caskets

  • A banana leaf coffin is 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • After fruiting, craftsmen weave the banana leaves into a rope, and then handwoven around a sturdy timber frame.
  • These are truly beautiful and attractive caskets.


Rent a Casket

  • Many funeral homes have a facility whereby you may rent a casket for the funeral service.
  • You can then cremate the body in an alternative container, such as a cardboard box.


Cardboard Box Cremation Caskets

  • Craftsmen use recycled cardboard to make these economically sensible caskets.
  • These caskets need to be acceptably rigid as well. They use plywood in the construction sometimes.
  • They need to be robust enough to protect operator for both his safety and his health.

Whether you are looking for a coffin for a cremation, or whether you want one for a grand traditional funeral, cremation caskets are an option worth considering.

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