Get Cremation Jewellery in South Africa

Cremation jewellery is a relatively new concept, but it is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are choosing cremation as a means of disposing of the body. Even so, only a few individuals find meaningful ways to memorialise their loved one’s ashes. But now that people are discovering cremation jewellery, it is fast becoming a new and modern trend.

People desperately search for comfort after the death of a special someone in their lives. Clearly, they need to hold onto treasured memories – to feel closer to their loved one. And the same applies to the loss of a parent, or even worse, the loss of a child. Because they want to feel comforted in a personal way.

Cremation JewelleryThere is no magic feel-better’ formula. But creating keepsake jewellery makes people feel they can still hold their memories close to their hearts!

What exactly is Cremation Jewellery?

  • Cremation jewellery is usually hand-made, with a unique little cavity to hold the ashes of the loved one. Then the hole is sealed.
  • Very popular are pendants, and rings. But bracelets are also available, as are nuggets, keyrings, earrings and necklaces.
  • Most companies offering this jewellery include a free chain, or a black cord, with the pendant. You can wear the jewellery right away.
  •  Some people prefer a lock of the loved one’s hair sealed into the jewellery, or petals from a favourite flower.
  • You get a sealing kit with the jewellery, with simple instructions for the filling and sealing of the keepsake.
  • And another novel idea is to have a photo of your loved one engraved on a pendant.
  • Pendants can be in the form of a heart, a cross, an animal or pet. Or a miniature urn, a photo, or anything else you may like. Certainly, the infinity symbol and the tear-drop are also popular designs.
  • The little cavity is so discreet that no-one would know it was there if you didn’t tell them.
  • The style you choose should suit your personality and taste.


Unusual types of Cremation Jewellery

  •  Diamonds (Memorial jewel). The carbon from the remains, be it a pet or human, converts to graphite during a purification process. A diamond press then exerts the same force that creates a natural stone, which takes at least six months. It is also very expensive, being anything from R30,000 upwards.
  • Glass.  Cremation jewellery includes beautiful hand-blown glass nuggets and pendants. Craftsmen sprinkle ash into a melted glass mixture, then formed into the nugget or necklace. It takes two teaspoons of ash to make a nugget.

In South Africa, Collinge & Co are funeral directors who believe you need to keep the memories of a loved one close. They make and create beautiful cremation jewellery just for you.

  •  Hand-made jewellery.
  •  It comes in a velvet presentation box.
  •  They include a sealing kit with instructions to quickly fill and seal your chosen item.
  •  You can expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  •  Stainless steel jewellery



Cremation jewellery is a tangible way to hold onto a part of a loved one. Keep him or her close to your heart.

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