Ways to Memorialise the Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one causes grief, which can destroy you if you let it. Find ways to navigate the fear and emptiness that threatens to engulf you. Instead, celebrate and memorialise the life that was.

Make a memorial of your loved one’s life. A memorial tells everyone that the spirit of the deceased lives on, even if she or he has passed on.

Ways to Memorialise the Dead

  • Tattoo. This one may not appeal to everyone. Add a small tattoo of their name on some chosen spot on your body. So the tattoo will be a constant reminder of the love you once shared.
  • Plant a tree. A tree is a living memorial. Preferably, choose an annual flowerer . Then each year you can cut a branch off, and have it displayed in your home.
  • Write a poem, a letter, or even a short story. Tell everyone why the loved one was such a special person. If you have small children, this will be especially appealing to them. Because they Memorialise Your Loved Onewill be able to read it for themselves one day.
  • Cook a favourite meal. Now and then, cook your loved one’s favourite meal. Have family or friends around, and share happy memories.
  • Plant a memory garden in a secluded part of the property. Put a bench here. Then lovingly care for and tend this little space. So you will feel closer to your loved one. Here you will find solace and comfort as you meditate on your happy memories.
  • Light a candle. You can do this on certain days, like birthdays and anniversaries. Or on any day that you feel like remembering your loved one in a special way.
  • Write a message when the longing threatens to overwhelm you. Pour your heart out. Then seal it in a balloon, and toss it into the wind. Imagine you are delivering this to your loved one.


More Memorials

  •  Mark a map with special places you and your loved one visited in your travels. Then Frame it and display it.
  • Carry a charm or something special on a keyring in your pocket to memorialise the loved one. Or hang a piece of jewellery, like a ring, on a chain around your neck.
  • Make a scrapbook. Find photographs of your loved one, from birth through to death. Then make individual pages of special events and memories. Another idea with photos is to make them into a collage. You can then frame it for a special place in your home.
  • Build a memorial. Find some rocks and build a place of remembrance. This place can be a simple mound of stones in a place of significance. And here you can put your flowers whenever Garden Memorialyou want to, instead of having to visit the actual grave.
  •  Make a memory box. In this box, put all the mementoes that remind you of your loved one. At times of longing, take it out, indulge yourself and let all the memories wash over you again.
  • Place a plaque to memorialise your loved one. It can be a bench or a chair, in a club, a school, an office, or even at the seaside.
  • Wear a colour or item of clothing that reminds you of your loved one. And do this once a week, or once a month. Or whenever you feel is time to keep the memory alive.



All the above things are there to enable you to honour the memory of your special love. Take a look at Creative Crosswalk for some inspirational ideas. Remember, do not allow grief to overwhelm you. Certainly, the tips and advice shared here will give you ideas so that the deceased never slips into complete forgetfulness.

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