How to Get Over Grief

Grief isn’t only about the death of a person or pet we love. The end of a relationship, the loss of a job and moving to a new country can cause grief. Most people assume that after a period of mourning you receive closure, get over grief and move on.

Some people take months, years to get over a time of sorrow. And there are some who never get over it. As time passes, the intensity of feelings about loss may well lessen for some. Fut for others, the feelings intensify as the months go by.  There is a misguided notion that grief is a process you systematically work through to emerge from it unscathed. But there are still things one can do to help with the course of getting over grief.

When looking at ways to get over grief, the grieving person may scoff at tried and tested advice and cry out that they’ve heard it all. This advice may well be true, and all of us are different, but all the experts can do, is go on providing helpful information which has indeed helped many people get through their grief.

Get Over Grief This Way

  • Take things slow – Be patient with yourself – Don’t let anyone tell you that by now you should be getting over your grief. There isn’t a magical time-period when grief ends. Experts will tell you not to be fretting about getting through life next year and the next, but to rather focus just on holding onto life, staying in the game of life and getting through today. Yes, you will beGet Over Griefdepressed and will want to be constantly bursting into tears, but the idea is to put one foot in front of the other and to plod on. All of us have got it in us to be a survivor.
  • Help someone – Many people recoil at the idea of becoming involved with helping another human being in their grief. It doesn’t have to be another person; it can be an animal. Animals have got every reason to be grieving because of the abuse humans meter out to them. But they always come back ready to forgive and move on. We can learn from them. Join a dog rescue centre and help a needy pet. Take him for a walk, caress him and love him. As you see how quickly he puts his trust in you and relies on you, you have a purpose. You know that there’s someone waiting for you to light up their day.


Get Help to Get Over Grief

  • There are some excellent counsellors whose sole purpose is to make you feel comfortable, and to kindly and purposefully listen to you and guide you through your grief. The right person will gently encourage you to be a survivor. They will be there for you and promise to support you till you feel you can make a go of it on your own.
  • Get moving  – experts recommend that you get going immediately. Grief, trapped in the body, creates illness and can push you into depression. So to get over grief, get moving, take a regular walk – you’ll have something to look forward to every day! Set a goal, and promise yourself to make the walk longer each week.


Help is at Hand

Collinge & Co have set out to help you select the best ideas available for a funeral and to also help you with grief at the time of your loss. Once you see the tips and advice they offer, you’ll realise there are others who want to share your agony.

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