Burial Costs in South Africa

Saving for a rainy day or burial costs in South Africa is difficult today.

Most South Africans don’t have much to save after they’ve paid the bills and fed the children.

However, taking out a funeral plan for just a small premium each month ensures that your family won’t have the substantial cost of burying you in the event of your death.

What’s more, if a family member dies, you will have enough money to bury them with dignity too.

Burial costs in South Africa can be Expensive

What does a burial cost in South Africa? The answer is that there is no answer because it all depends on the type of coffin you buy or the funeral home you choose, are you sending the body home, etc.

The reason it is difficult to set a price on a burial is that the difference between products available and service providers is so huge.

Most funeral homes design their burial costs in South Africa to suit the deceased’s family specifically. A basic funeral and cremation cost somewhere between R6 500 and R12 000. That’s a lot of money to find quickly.

Burial costs in South Africa and choosing the Coffin

Burial Costs in South Africa

Of course, celebrity or top-class funerals can cost more, especially seeing that there is no limit to the price of coffins.

Michael Jackson’s coffin cost $25 000, which works out at R342 000 at today’s exchange rate.

In South Africa, Doves Funeral Home retails coffins from as little as R700, but they also have top-of-the-range coffins which sell for R50 000, or more.

Service Fees Include all the Administration tasks

Most funeral homes charge service fees, to “run” the funeral. Fees begin at approximately R5 000.00 and include transportation of the body, all the required paperwork including the death certificate, storage of the body and embalming. Buying the coffin on your behalf and the use of a hearse.

A cremation costs the same and includes all of the services mentioned above as well as collecting of the ashes, however, this price typically does not include the coffin and the signing of any medical documents, before the cremation.

Looking at these costs highlights why it makes sense to invest in a funeral policy. There are several affordable, yet comprehensive funeral plans available in South Africa.

Burial costs in South Africa can be Cheaper with a Burial Society

If you are not keen to invest alone, joining a burial society or stokvel is also a good option. If you decide to take out funeral cover, ensure that you purchase it from a company with a distinguished reputation.

Speak to friends, family members and colleagues to find out more about what’s available. The best insurers will help you choose the right cover to meet your unique needs.

Make sure that the funeral home you choose is a member of either the:

  • National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
  • South African Funeral Practitioners Association (SAFPA)
  • Independent Funeral Directors Association (IFDA).

Membership ensures that the funeral home will follow a specified code of conduct and any regulations.

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