Lion of Africa Saver Funeral Plan

October 15, 2016

Now you can get the Lion of Africa  Saver Funeral Plan to make funeral planning easy.

Lion of Africa is a non-life insurance company. They are licensed by the Financial Services Board as a short term insurer. They have been recognised by the Financial Intermediaries Association as being one of the leading five commercial and corporate insurers. Lion of Africa provides their products and services to many top JSE listed companies in South Africa.

A funeral costs at least R8000 today. Lion of Africa believes that it is important to know that when a loved one dies, there will be ready money available to pay for the burial.

Lion of Africa  Saver Funeral Plan – Make Sure You’ve Got Access to Immediate Funds

Life insurance policies, savings accounts and pension funds are all ways to ensure surviving family members are financially secure. The only trouble with these is that when someone dies suddenly, there can be delays with accessing funds.

One of the best ways to ensure there is instant cash available is through a funeral policy. That ensures

Lion of Africa Saver Funeral Plan

an immediate cash payout. Lion of Africa offers different options for funeral cover – their individual and family funeral plans as well as plans for Community Groups. A Lion of Africa funeral plan for an individual costs next to nothing. You can get competitive premiums ranging from as little as R2 per day, and get cover for R5 000, R15 000 or more.

With Individual Cover, they offer five plans with their Saver Funeral Plan. These plans are for people aged between 18 and 55.

  • Plan A – R60 premium for those in the age group 18-55, R74 for those 56-65 and R91 for age 66-75
  • B – R74 premium for those in the age group 18-55, R96 for those 56-65 and R120 for age 66-75
  • C – R82 premium for those in the age group 18-55, R106 for 56-65 and R134 for age 66-75
  • D – R99 premium for those in the age group 18-55, R131 for 56-65 and R168 for age 66-75
  • E – R113 premium for those in the  age group 18-55, R151 for 56-65 and R195 for age 66-75

Extended family members can be covered as well. An airtime benefit of R200 will also be paid to your beneficiary to help with making calls to arrange a funeral. And with Lion Assist you also get help with the repatriation of a body, emergency medical services, funeral assistance, legal assist and personal health advisor.

Lion of Africa  Saver Funeral Plan for Families

With Family Cover, they also offer 5 Plans –

  • Plan A – premium is R88 for age 18-55, R122 for age 56-65 and R151 for age 66-75
  • B – premium is R115 for age 18-55, R165 for age 56-65 and R207 for age 66-75
  • C – premium is R130 for age 18-55, R191 for age 56-65 and R240 for age 66-75
  • D – premium is R162 for age 18-55, R242 for age 56-65 and R307 for age 66-75
  • E – premium is R188 for age 18-55, R284 for age 56-65 and R361 for age 66-75

Waiting Periods for Cover to Commence –

  • Accidental Death – 1 month
  • Natural Death – 9 months
  • Suicide – 24 months


Lion of Africa  Saver Funeral Plan – Spare Your Family

If you would like to know more about the Lion of Africa Saver Funeral Plan, it is as simple as sms-ing the word LION to 079 215 6003. Having a funeral plan in place can certainly spare your family a lot of unnecessary stress about finding thousands of Rands to pay for your funeral.

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All info was correct at time of publishing