Funeral Coverage from Clientele Life

The Funeral Dignity Plan provides a lump sum payout when the primary member, or a dependent on the plan, dies. So the funeral coverage money is for any funeral expenses or other costs that come up.

The Funeral Dignity Plan pays out in 24 hours, as long as all the correct documents are submitted. And it also offers a Double Accident Benefit, which is a benefit payout if the insured dies accidentally; the beneficiaries get double the funeral coverage amount (this benefit is only for the principal member).

Clientele Life’s Funeral Coverage with Dignity Plan has many benefits, including:

  • Cover for only R99/month.
  • Funeral coverage up to R110 000 for your whole family for the cost of just R2/day, per person.
  • Cover for as many as 13 people, under one plan.
  • Airtime to the value of R200, with your claim.
  • A grocery benefit.
  • An unveiling benefit.
  • Enhanced benefits, such as a 24hr helpline where consultants will help you arrange the funeral; counselling; discounts at different funeral service providers; and repatriation services.


The Grocery and Unveiling Benefits

The Grocery Benefit is R3000 paid out in cash, or vouchers; it goes to the stipulated beneficiary for as long as three months after the date of the death. You get to decide whether it will be paid out over

Funeral Coverage from Clientele Life

three months or in one lump sum. This amount comes from the cover amount.

The Unveiling Benefit is R2000, which is accessible for the 12 months after the insured member’s death. You then decide at what point that money is paid out; it goes to the stipulated beneficiary.

How do you submit a claim?

If somebody under the policy dies, the first step is to inform the insurer and submit your claim; the claim will first be validated before being paid out.

There are several ways you can claim:

  • Via SMS – just send your policy number to 31041.
  • Funeral coverage claim via fax: 011 320 3170.
  • Via the call centre: 011 320 3000.
  • Online at
  • Via email:
  • In person at Clientele office park, Corner Alon and Rivonia Road, Rivonia, Johannesburg.

To ensure a speedy claims process it’s important to submit the following documents (all certified):

  • The death certificate.
  • A copy of the deceased person’s ID.
  • And a copy of the beneficiary’s ID.


The Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan

Clientele’s Ultimate Dignity Plan is a plan that pays you back all of your premiums. Your beneficiaries not only receive the cover amount you have chosen, but they also receive all the premiums the insured member contributed to the plan.

The Ultimate Dignity Plan includes:

  • Cover starting from R132/month.
  • Funeral coverage of as much as R50 000 for a single member.
  • Cover of as much as R250 000 for a family.
  • A lump-sum pays out in 24hrs.
  • Airtime worth R200.
  • Extra benefits, such as the Grocery Benefit, Unveiling Benefit, and Transport Benefit.
  • Cover for 13 members of your family, all under the same plan.
  • A funeral helpline that is accessible 24 hours a day.


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