Amazulu FC Funeral Cover

In 2013, industry leader, Safrican Insurance, and the famous AmaZulu FC Football Club teamed up to produce an innovative funeral plan. They called it the Usuthu Funeral Plan. And it is custom-made to meet the unique needs of South African consumers. This funeral plan is an affordable way to ensure that you and your family have dignified funerals.

Both Safrican and Amazulu FC want their clients to be freed from the financial burden of burying loved ones in difficult times. The Safrican Insurance Company has been in operation since 1932 and prides itself on offering accessible, affordable products that meet clients’ needs. Safrican also strives to offer professional, high-quality service and pay claims as quickly and as simply as possible.

What does the Amazulu FC Usuthu Funeral Plan include?

The Usuthu Funeral Plan has a cash payout starting at R10 000 and going up to as much as R40 000; the premiums start at only R48/month, depending on the type of cover that you chose. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 94 years old can apply, as long as they are a South African citizen. It’s as Amazulu FC Funeral Coversimple as sending a “Please Call Me” to 0762149669 to get more information – a representative of the company will then contact you. You can also visit their website at to get more information on the funeral plan.

Joining the Amazulu FC Usuthu Funeral Plan:

  • The primary member needs to have a bank account which accepts debit orders.
  • The main member needs to be below 94 years old.
  • The primary member and his or her dependents need not already have an Usuthu Funeral Plan.
  • You have cover from the date that you pay your first premium.
  • All members receive a one-month grace period. After one year, the grace period extends by an extra month for every year that you have paid your premiums. During that time, you will still receive the same amount of cover for up to six months of not paying. If you do claim in that time, the company will deduct your unpaid instalments from the claim payout.
  • Premiums need to be paid in advance and at the set date agreed upon at the start of the contract.
  • If the main member or one of the dependents dies, notice needs to be sent to Safrican within six months. All the supporting documents need to be sent in too. Claims made later than six months after the death of the insured person will not be paid out.
  • If you are on the single-member policy and decide to change to a family plan, you have to apply again. There will subsequently be a six-month waiting period.
  • The funeral plan will cease if the main member dies, stops paying his or her premiums (over and above the grace period), or ends the policy.


Waiting times:

  • In the case of death from natural causes, there is a six-month waiting period.
  • In the event of death due to suicide within the first two years of the policy, there will be no cover.
  • There is a 12-month waiting period for dependents over 74 years old.


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All info was correct at time of publishing