Funeral Arrangement Guide for South Africa

People think of all kinds of ways to make a funeral special. So making a beautiful funeral arrangement is in their DNA. Funerals, as we know, can vary in style according to everybody’s personality and tastes. The options to personalise a funeral are limitless. There are standard ideas, but others are unusual.

Some Funeral Arrangement Ideas

  • Beautiful and unusual funeral flowers
  • Memorial slide show
  • A unique theme
  • The release of white doves or butterflies or balloon release
  • The planting of a memorial tree


There are No Rules for which Funeral Flowers to Use

Funeral flowers are always a cheerful addition. There are no rules of funeral arrangement which dictate what type of flowers you need to use and which colours they should be. If you don’t have a close relationship with the deceased, but you are going to do the flowers, check out religious affiliations because come religions place a high value on white flowers. You just want the flowers you select to send the right message.

Funeral Arrangement

Flower Symbolism for use in Funeral Arrangement

  • Dark red roses symbolise sorrow and grief
  • Purple roses signify dignity and royalty
  • Yellow roses represent friendship
  • Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings
  • Chrysanthemums express grieving and sadness


There are so many choices available when it comes to a funeral arrangement of flowers. There are also choices as to where- and what you do with the flowers. You can opt for large, formal arrangements or you can choose to have free standing arrangements displayed on easels for instance.

A popular choice these days is basket arrangements made up of fresh flowers. If you are bewildered about the funeral floral arrangement, remember that florists are knowledgeable about local customs related to different religions. The florist will be able to handle your request, whatever that may be.

Not Always Formal

If you have the responsibility of organising the flower for a funeral and baulk at the idea of stiff, formal arrangements, what could be better than bunches of flowers from nature? Nature is perfect and never disappoints. If the deceased was a nature lover, you can choose wild grasses and have some wildflowers added to these to create a wild display of natural beauty.

A collection of native herbs and flowers may just be the very thing needed to create the right atmosphere at your casual-type funeral. You want the flowers to look as if they have been gathered from nature or your garden and will be perfect for celebrating and remembering the life of the deceased.

There’s Always Help

Still not convinced of what to do? There are excellent sources of information on the Internet to give you a helping hand. is one of these – providing good advice on the planning of a funeral, regardless of where you live. Their in-depth information is like a guiding light – steering you towards planning a  funeral.

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