Sanlam Funeral Cover for Parents in Law

Parents in law have been at the receiving end of many jokes and criticism for many years. Some people want to have as little as possible to do with their parents in law. However, many others enjoy a fantastic relationship with their parents in law.┬áJust as they look out for the welfare of their parents, they’re concerned about their in-laws too.

Parents in Law – Be Future-Minded

An excellent way you can show your parents-in-law you care for them is to show initiative. Be more future-minded: put them on your funeral plan. The best security flows from living with more certainty and having a good funeral plan in place. To cope with the future and its financial problems, a funeral plan from Sanlam can help. It can rescue your parents in law from the pitfalls of a pauper funeral.

Funeral Cover for Parents in Law

If your parents-in-law are in a bad way financially and have not made any provision for a funeral for themselves, Sanlam has a solution. That’s their icover Family Funeral Plan. On this plan is that an entire family gets cover for Death by Accident and Death by Natural Causes. And not in separate policies, but all under one policy.

Parents in Law- Longevity speaks of Reputation

The beauty about the funeral cover for parents in law is that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable, trustworthy company. Sanlam started in 1918, and they offer truly affordable funeral cover.

  • From just R25 a month, you can search far and wide – you’re not likely to find a more affordable funeral policy in South Africa. The payout for this cheap funeral plan is enough to give you or a family member a royal send-off.
  • Apart from being able to cover your parents and parents-in-law, you can also cover your partner or spouse, minor children under the age of 21 as well as adult siblings over the age of 18.
  • If you want to make changes to the plan, the main member is the one to make the changes. Remember that any changes take effect during the month that the policy began. There are changes that will have a direct bearing on your monthly funeral insurance premium, and these will come into effect during the month you took out your plan.
  • Apart from the quick and easy online funeral cover purchasing process, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of benefits with the icover family funeral plan as well.


Benefits of the Sanlam Funeral Plan

– cover for death by natural causes
– instant accidental death cover
– age-banded premiums which remain affordable
– you’ll get an official membership certificate which details all the members of your family you’ve included on the plan
– no medical tests, no brokers
– easy payment arrangements

With a funeral cover claim, if one of your parents-in-law should pass away, Sanlam will make the payout within 48 hours.

Death doesn’t keep any appointments – its comes for anyone – young, old, rich and poor – and always when you least expect it. Be ready. With so much affordability, what’s holding you back from taking a good look at Sanlam’s icover funeral plan?

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