About Genlife Group Funeral Cover

There was a time when no-one spoke about funerals. Today, however, because they cost money, people feel the need to talk about and make plans for them. Today you see funeral plan adverts in all media. Read further on for more information about Genlife group funeral cover.

People are looking at funeral cover as an option to relieve them of parting with a large sum of money when a family member dies. S0 without a funeral plan, there are very few people who have large amounts of money readily available at short notice.

You pay the funeral home a small amount each month, and they take care of your funeral so that you don’t have to pay a lot of money. You can pay in instalments if you like but many families choose to┬ápay one amount.

Genlife Group Funeral Cover Benefits

This company has also negotiated reduced prices on many funeral supplies.

genlife group funeral coverGenlife is an authorised financial service provider who specialises in funeral group scheme administration. Their clients consist of funeral directors, burial societies, church groups, employer groups and trade unions.
Burial Societies – these are informal- or formal groups of people who provide funeral benefits for those people who belong to the group. So this means that they collect premiums from each member of the group and use it to pay the funeral costs.

Funeral Homes – they provide services to the family to bury the deceased. Services can include the likes of the provision of a coffin, catering, etc. So these funeral homes have to be legal to operate as a financial services provider. Funeral Homes provide funeral plans for individuals, families, society plans, stokvels and group schemes.

Genlife has become a trusted name in the industry for providing clients with excellent services. Some of their additional benefits include –

  • Legal assist benefit
  • emergency medical service
  • comprehensive legal benefit
  • panic button
  • transport benefit
  • income protection benefit
  • trauma aid
  • HIV Assist ….and others


Genlife offers their clients an all in one service. They also provide you with a broad range of Group Funeral plans at competitive rates. As well as user-friendly web-based Funeral Administration Software. This software is available free of charge to all Genlife group funeral cover clients. Funeral directors, for instance, will be able to monitor their business from anywhere in the world. The software will allow funeral directors to add new members and also to edit the data of current members.

Genlife Funeral Plans

Let’s look at Genlife Funeral Plans –

  • Genlife provide a full range of funeral plans
  • plans are for individuals, families and the Group Scheme market
  • the Group Scheme Plans were developed for church groups, funeral undertakers, employers and trade unions
  • cover ranges from R 3 000 to R 30 000
  • One plan can cover ten people
  • Genlife also provides Tombstone Cover, Meat- and Grocery Policy, a Repatriation benefit


Call Genlife for your Group Funeral Cover. With low monthly premiums and other services, what better way to invest your funds to enjoy excellent returns.

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