How to Organise a Home Funeral

A home funeral is definitely something to consider. The average cost of a funeral has doubled recently and families are burying their dead relatives in their gardens. They aren’t even finding out what laws exist about this.

However, you are still required to contact the authorities yourself after the death so a death certificate can be filed.

If you plan to go the legal route you will need to educate yourself on the laws of your country. Also you need to be aware of the unpleasant side of organising a home funeral such as obesity, bed sores, infections etc.

Get the Results You Want

Most people are sick and tired of being ripped off by the funeral industry, and many people, years later, are still trying to pay off their loans for funerals.

People also want to add a personal touch to a funeral. Many are discovering the peace and the benefits that come from organising a home funeral, and delighting at the flawless results. In South Africa, Doves Funerals are one service provider who offer to assist with a home funeral.

How to Organise a Home Funeral

You don’t have to invest in a huge coffin – you can make one.  Buy a pine box from a manufacturer or retailer or even buy a cardboard box. That’s the beauty about  home funerals – you have what you want and without any unnecessary expense.

A Home Funeral was Once the Norm

Everything is done exactly how you want it to be. A home funeral is all about customisation, and there are organisations springing up to guide you through the process. Things are changing, and people are wanting to once again consider home funerals which were traditional before funeral homes- and funeral directors came about.

The problem lies in the fact that many people don’t know that home funerals are an option, they are legal, the body doesn’t need to be embalmed and the best part is that they cost a fraction of what a conventional funeral would cost. There are many families who want to perform the duties of caring for the dead such as washing the body, dressing it and then transporting it to its final resting place.

These home based funerals are sometimes known as a DIY funerals and they allow you to make many decisions in advance, some of which are:

●   Who you want officiating at your funeral.
●   Who you want as your pallbearers.
●   Who you want to deliver eulogies, the type of music you want.

Some planning will take the weight off your family who have enough to deal with already if you were to pass away. Simple instructions detailing whether you want to be buried or cremated can ease up a lot of tension and confusion for starters. With a home funeral there’s more time for visiting, grieving, viewing and closure.

There ARE Funeral Directors who come close to ‘Home Funerals’.

If you want to go ahead with a home funeral remember that there are helpful funeral directors who are prepared to listen to you and help you make your home funeral ideas a reality.

By shopping around you may even be able to find a funeral director who offers you a simple or basic funeral that is as close to what you had in mind as possible.

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