Bereavement Support from Lifeline

Death and traumatic events in your life can leave you reeling. As the day’s pass, you might even feel as though you have lost your sense of reality. And have become completely numb. Sometimes and grief can slowly turn to depression so that you feel as though you are losing your grip on life.┬áBereavement Support can help you.
Bereavement counselling and talking about events and losses can be a lifeline. It’s no good bottling everything up – loss has to be acknowledged. Bereavement support from Lifeline helps clients to find acceptance and closure and to move on.

Solid Support when it’s Needed – Bereavement Support

Bereavement SupportLifeline is a non-profit, national charity providing all South Africans who are going through some or other personal crisis with access to 24/7 support. The highly trained, compassionate counsellors. And are there to listen patiently to your story and to offer you their solid support for however long you need them.

Bereavement isn’t only with death and loss; bereavement is when you lose other things too – your dignity and your self-respect. Lifeline helps with –

  • depression
  • thoughts of worthlessness
  • anxiety
  • abuse and trauma
  • loneliness
  • loss


When someone you care about suddenly dies, your life is irrevocably changed. Bereavement is about trying to come to terms with a life that won’t have this person in it anymore. Certainly during bereavement is important to express grief. Not everyone goes through bereavement smoothly. And they will require support and help to deal with feelings of sorrow, grief, despair and longing.

Bereavement support from Lifeline can be enormously useful. It helps you channel all your thoughts into new things so that you can get out of bed in the morning; you’re able to care for yourself, go to work and be calm throughout.

Learning to Deal with Grief, Bereavement Support

Lifeline doesn’t remove your grief – it simply shows you how to handle it – how to cope so that the shock of the situation begins to fade as you start to focus on other things. Bereavement counselling from Lifeline might include –

  • helping you to adjust to a new lifestyle
  • help with issues surrounding feelings of depression and even suicide
  • help with dealing with areas that are holding you back from moving on
  • advice and support that takes you to the point where you can function normally again


Online counselling is not for everyone – they want that personal face-to-face counselling Lifeline offers both. The benefit of online- and telephone advice. However, is that provides a solution for those people who, due to circumstances, aren’t able to get out.

So, whatever mode of Internet communication you prefer, counselling from Lifeline is an ideal way for anyone to get professional, confidential support to work through sad, negative emotions. Lifeline has been in existence for decades, and they can help you towards a satisfying new life after your loss.

Remain Functional During Sad Times

Young children, teenagers and adults – we all experience death in different ways. But the most important part is to ensure that it doesn’t become debilitating – preventing the person from functioning properly. So get help from a reliable source. Lifeline is your friend at times like this – they help everyone – young and old. Through their unique circumstances.

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