How to Make a Funeral Tribute Video

A funeral tribute video is something unique as it will be your loved one’s last story. At a funeral service, you can create a few smiles with these memorial videos as it relays the person’s life. So, how to make a funeral tribute video?

A huge benefit of having a funeral tribute video is the ability to record memories of your loved one. Yes, photos are always important, but these tributes take it further, allowing you to add personal memories and stories to the images.

The beauty about this is that with time you may well forget details. But a memorial tribute can help keep the memories alive and extend it.

Funeral Tribute Videos become Heirlooms, Make a Funeral Tribute Video

Make a Funeral Tribute VideoYou can collect photos of the person that depict their life the best. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you’ll know the time and place as well as the occasion of the photos which can make it interesting to include as a caption. In many instances, there is video footage even. Try and include this as a film as this is the perfect way to bring the person ‘alive’ for just a few minutes, more so with audio.

A funeral slideshow is an excellent way to remember a loved one. However, if you have some time on your hands, if you’re clued up on video editing, you can go one-up on the slide show. You can create a memorable tribute to a loved one which can become an heirloom.

Other things can be in a funeral tribute video that will make it all the more special-

  • Cards and letters – some people accumulate every card and letter they have gotten, and these can be in the video memorial
  • add in motion effects – this is great as it offers a strong sensory impact, especially if you’re able to manipulate different effects to make the tribute more engaging.

As far as the images are concerned, it is a good idea to collect at least about 30 photographs. It’s a good idea also to select one or two songs that the deceased loved to accompany the images.

The music and the images shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes or so. So as to hold the interest of those watching the video tribute. The way it works is that you can add these old images, exporting them into your video editing software. If you want to photograph old photos, make sure to use a high-resolution digital camera.

Extend your Creativity Beyond Funerals, Make a Funeral Tribute Video

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