How to Video a Funeral

Technology has many opportunities, and recording a funeral service now means that family and friends who couldn’t be there, can now ‘attend’ a funeral of someone. So, how to video a funeral?

All the Important Details are Recorded – How to Video a Funeral

There are many benefits to recording a funeral, and one is just simply to preserve the memories of your loved one forever. It may just be that there are certain memories and certain people that were in attendance at the funeral that you will want to one day show to a child.

How to Video a FuneralSome people are so emotionally sore, that they miss out on the details. When they are in a more calm state of mind. They want to ‘re-attend’ the funeral and see things that they did not see.

Today you get funeral video and photography experts who have experience in video filming. And who provide a professional service in an unobtrusive manner at a funeral.

Unobtrusive Filming

They wear dark suits and quietly and discreetly film the proceedings, making use of quality video equipment. They make use of wide angle lens with a telephoto get shots while keeping their distance. The photographers shoot as little or as much as you want and can film the ceremony, the graveside, the wake and lastly the celebratory part – the lunch or tea afterwards.

The best video photographers are aware of the importance of different lighting. Before the funeral, they visit the funeral parlour or funeral venue to assess the practicability of photographing with all the different lighting sources, both indoors- and outdoors.

  • Filming during a funeral service can also include adding in other footage
    professionals can capture readings, prayers and eulogies regardless of how softly the person spoke
  • capture parts of the funeral that aren’t only on the mourners. Include shots of the flowers, the bulletin, sheet music maybe, the church or whichever venue, the hearse, the grave site
  • all the footage is carefully edited to created a crystal clear tribute to your loved one
  • the completed tribute is always available on a quality USB memory stick. Ideas for presenting the funeral photos, for instance, can include a slide show, a memory book or a website memorial including text and pictures.


Behind the Scenes – How to Video a Funeral

Many people are looking to document funerals as a hobby or profession. There are kits which offer information and advice on shooting. Also on editing and pricing of filming funerals for anyone who can’t attend.

Be sure you have permission to film. Yes, you are there to film, but there may be people who object to that. Video Creations, have a passion for being the best when it comes to video and audio production. They lay out all their prices too, so there are no hidden surprises.

With decades of experience behind them. Their vast technical knowledge and artistic ability guarantee that everyone can see and experience over and over again what is so meaningful to them.

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