Pre-Plan Funeral Form

If a family member has died, you’ll know that a lot of anguish is removed just by knowing exactly what to do. Someone who has a funeral form with their details filled in can spare the family a lot of uncertainty. You might want to consider a Pre-Plan Funeral Form.

With a pre-plan funeral form, you can proceed with arranging a funeral calmly.

Plans Specifically Chosen, Pre-Plan Funeral Form

Certainly, at the time of mourning, it can be of comfort for the family to know that all the music, readings, coffin choice as well as other arrangements were chosen specifically by the dead person.
Planning a funeral is a personal process, and the decisions the family comes up with depends on the experiences they had with the dead. The trouble comes in when everyone has conflicting views. There are some good reasons to plan a funeral in advance and to have it in writing.

Planning a funeral involves making many decisions. You could imagine the chaos if a funeral form was unavailable.

What if?

So without a funeral form, if you imagine the deceased would have preferred burial, you will need to quickly make Pre-Plan Funeral Formarrangements to meet with a cemetery representative to buy burial space. So planning a funeral without a funeral form to guide you can cause plenty of dissension among family members.

Recently funeral services have become increasingly personalized – funerals which reflect the unique life of the deceased. So most people want to plan a funeral or memorial service which focuses on remembering the dead as they were in life.
They want a funeral which will capture the qualities of the deceased and everything they stood for. A pre-plan funeral form will give the family guidance on how to proceed with planning a funeral –

  • Music – should it be religious or contemporary?
  • Reading – Bible, poems, a letter or an article?
  • Food and beverages – a restaurant, church venue, picnic or tea at home?
  • Webcasting the funeral – some people will object, and you?
  • Burial or cremation?
  • Church pastor or celebrant? Maybe neither?


Everplans is a digital archive of everything your loved ones will need if you pass away. They also provide useful information on wills, health, final wishes and funeral forms and plans.

Everyone should be Ready

The truth is death is a reality, and every one of us must pass this way. With this knowledge, everyone should be ready.

So the best, simplest way to be ready is to assist your family who you’ll leave behind. Why not also check out the Everplans Pre-Plan Funeral Form? Once it is full, keep it in a place that is known to your immediate family. That is the only way that with your death, there can be peace in your home.


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