Costs of a Funeral – Without vs With a Funeral Plan

There is a saying that nothing in life is for free. Everything comes with a price, and the price of death can be quite steep. Paying for a funeral out of your pocket in the 20th century is expensive. Below, an average breakdown of Costs of a Funeral:

Coffins and Cremations – Costs of a Funeral

Out of the two, cremation can be a more affordable option. Also, cremation fees cost about R2000 and the urn used for the ashes can cost anything between R400 and R3500.

If you decide to lay your loved one at rest in a coffin. You can expect to spend an average amount of between R8000 to R23 000.

Burial Plots and Tombstones

Costs of a FuneralCosts of a grave will solely depend on your area. Rural areas out of the city can cost less than R500 while graves in municipal areas can go for around R2000. If you include the headstone, you can budget for an average of about R6000.

Undertaker Services

Budget R4500 for basic undertaker services.

Flowers, Food, and Programmes

Catering for a funeral can be a difficult task as there is no guaranteed amount of people who will be present. So on average it will be safe to set aside between R30 and R40 per person for food and drinks. Also, if a fee is applicable for the get-together after the burial, it will be entirely up to the family based on the venue they choose.

Funeral programs can cost as little as R12 per program depending on how much is on it.

Flowers for the church and coffin can amount to R1000.


Other expenses most often forgotten include airtime to contact relatives as well as travel cost when making arrangements.

Based on the above averages, an average funeral can cost between R12 000 and R25 000.

Most life cover plans not only include most of the services mentioned above but also pay out a lump sum to use for all other costs not covered directly by them. Some providers only pay out a lump sum and beneficiaries must then use this money to cover funeral costs. The lump sum paid out depends on the funeral cover plan taken out by the deceased or relative of the deceased and the monthly installments.

Payouts can start from as little as R15 000 or be as much as R100 000. So from these amounts, it is clear to see that even with the smallest payout. The costs of a funeral with a funeral plan will be little to none for your loved ones left behind.

Having funeral cover does not only gives you certain peace of mind that your funeral costs will be safe once you pass away.

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All info was correct at time of publishing