Planning Your Own Funeral

Thinking ahead in life can help you make informed decisions. We think ahead regarding our everyday tasks. Deciding on a time for the alarm to go off. Choosing what to wear that will ensure all day comfort. Making plans for your lunch break or simply deciding what will be for dinner tonight. Planning your own funeral provides you with some sense of comfort. In the sense of knowing what will be and more and more people are deciding that this should be the case when it comes to their funeral too.

How to Plan Your Funeral – Planning Your Own Funeral

  • Firstly, decide whether you want to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral or simply set out a few preferences regarding the funeral beforehand. You can either simply write down your wishes or make plans directly with a funeral service provider.
  • Planning Your Own FuneralNext, you should decide where you want your remains to be buried or scattered. More than often when survivors find themselves rushing to buy a grave spot without having seen the site beforehand. To pick out the place yourself will ensure that your remains rest where you feel at ease or across the horizons of your favourite destination.
  • After having made the first decisions, you can decide on where you would like your funeral to be.
  • Following this, you can make other decisions regarding music, programs, flower arrangements, food or whatever you find important. Whether you have an old time favourite song that you would like played. Or want to serve attendees a certain drink or dish that will remind them of you. The choice can be entirely up to you when pre-planning.


Making a Decision

After making your decisions, you need to ensure that your plans are in writing. Do not put your preference in your will. These are often not found or read until after your funeral. Make copies of your funeral plans and hand them out to family members and your attorney. Revise your plans every few years to make any changes or adjustments due to price changes, a certain provider going out of business, etc.

If you are planning to pre-pay for your funeral, make sure that you acquire proof of all payments made. Many people will decide to bite out family members when the time comes to claim services paid for. Advise an attorney on how to go about ensuring that everything you planned runs smoothly once you are not around anymore.

Planning your own funeral can bring much needed to relieve family members in a time of grief. It spares them the stress associated with making funeral arrangements and decisions in a time of strong emotions and under pressure.

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