Unbelievable Funeral Home Mistakes

Many people dread death. If they knew of some of the horrific abuse and mistakes that happen they would face it with even more trepidation. It is a sad fact that the deceased have no way of defending themselves from some of the indignities they endure. They are defenceless. Here we will look at funeral home mistakes.
In the past few years, allegations of fraud, corruption and abuse have uncovered mistakes and atrocities that have hit the news. Sometimes these mishaps are mistakes, but most times they are deliberate.



Just some of these include –

  • Funeral Home Mistakeshaving costly, decorative coffins dug up after burial and having the body switched to a cheap one, or tossed back without a coffin means that the expensive coffin can be retrieved and resold
  • at the same time they rob the bodies of their jewellery
  • there are some families who believe in the ancestors. When they’ve opened caskets to find someone else’s body inside. It means the post-death journey which includes making repairs for wrongs committed here on earth, can’t be fulfilled. Now they could have buried another person’s ancestor and not been able to honour the right person.
  • funeral homes getting bodies mixed up has meant that some people have been wrongfully cremated against their religious beliefs
  • last year, funeral home pall­bear­ers dropped a casket and the coffin broke open, with all the pallbearers running away.


It’s a Merry Mix-Up – Funeral Home Mistakes

Most funeral home mistakes made by funeral directors involve mixing up bodies and putting the wrong one in the coffin. Many times doctors in the busy morgues fail their forensic pathology examinations. Whose checking qualifications? Some so-called ‘doctors’ have nothing more than a high school grade 12 pass.

Unfortunately, even though there are policies in place which help the funeral business, there’s always going to be someone in the industry who messes up. People make mistakes, life happens, and yet this kind of mistake is entirely unacceptable really.

Events like this are too common, and perhaps one could say that the sheer volume of business has taken precedence over quality of service. The dead surely deserve some dignity and respect.

Loss of Dignity and Money

When you think of these unbelievable funeral mistakes, not only is there the loss of dignity but what about the monetary costs too. Families travel from far and wide to say goodbye to loved ones. When its the wrong person in the coffin, a host of new, you must make some costly arrangements.

If you’ve are a victim of one of these ghastly mistakes. Consult a lawyer so that you can file a claim again­st the funeral director and funeral home.


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All info was correct at time of publishing