What Food NOT to Serve at a Funeral

Not one of us wants to witness the death of a loved one. This can be totally heartbreaking, stressful and devastating. Here we look at what food not to serve at a funeral.

When we all get together at a funeral to say our goodbyes. The ceremony usually follows by eats and drinks. With friends and family where we commiserate and comfort the family and friends left behind.

Avoiding another Funeral Death

What is eaten at the funeral ‘social’ afterwards is important. Because some foods can cause some Food not to Serve at a Funeralembarrassing as well as very painful situations. It’s important to not serve certain foods disguised in any way as there are people with allergies and food intolerances. You don’t want to serve fish and witness someone battling to breathe and going into shock.

You’ve got options when it comes to catering. You can either do it yourself, get caterers in or choose to have lunch at a restaurant or some other venue.


Keep it tasteful, simple and easy to handle – Food not to Serve at a Funeral

Despite the mourning at a funeral, at the end of the after-social, many people will go home in high spirits and some with full stomachs.  Some will go home annoyed at having been seated next to someone who burped their way through the raw onion, garlic, hard boiled eggs and pungent spices.

Eating messy foods can be visually offensive to those sitting around you. Inevitably people will drip sauce onto their smart clothes and have an oily, yellow stain ruin it. On a sweltering Summer day, steer away from hot curries and spices, peri-peri chicken and tangy tomato and onion bredies and stick rather with cold meats and salads.

Edibles at a wake or funeral ceremony should be easy to handle. Often there isn’t enough space at some of the establishments for people to sit down with a plate full of food. Check out the funeral venue and go for dainty sandwiches, little cakes, cookies and even disposable cups.

Some wakes extend into the next day. If you happen to have a lot of guests at the social afterwards. You don’t want to be thinking about how to keep all the food warm. It is a good idea to serve snacks like tasty, delicate sandwiches,  or delicious potato or macaroni salads.


The less alcoholic, the more peaceful the mood – Food not to Serve at a Funeral

When it comes to drinks, it is important that guests hydrate at a funeral place, and water always goes down well. While alcohol can be great for helping everyone to relax after some tense hours, some guests go overboard and end up spoiling the atmosphere for everyone as their behaviour becomes obnoxious.

For a funeral, plan ahead. A funeral is an event that will have its ups and downs. The catering part after the funeral is important, designed to ease the mourning family into a new period of their lives.

Choose simple but mouthwatering dishes so that people can overeat without offending anyone because of gas or severe indigestion.


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