Demand for Low Cost Coffins

Low Cost Coffins are in demand so you would  think that most funeral directors are aware of the demand and are willing to help the customer meet their needs. Many of them are greedy sales people, behaving like loan sharks and making sure their customers aren’t informed about the affordable options available to them.

These sort of funeral directors prey on people who come into their funeral homes and make it known that they are not clued up when it comes to organising a funeral and its accompanying prices.

It just takes one individual to get fed up with this form of service delivery to bring about some serious change. And so it was with Steven Mitchell, who became fed up at making inquiries about affordable coffins. His attention was drawn to the fact that most funeral homes don’t provide a price on their websites for their coffins.

There is a Demand for Low Cost Coffins so Compare Coffin Prices

Demand for Low Cost Coffins




Everybody wants to know the price of coffins, after all, this is one of the big expenses of a funeral. Steven Mitchell launched, a site which attracts well over 2000 visitors a month. The beauty about the site is that not only can customers compare prices of coffins, they can actually purchase one direct from his online Coffin Shop.

Another useful aspect, is that you can put forward your requirements for a funeral and this will be forwarded to hundreds of funeral directors to find the one who can match your requirements in terms of services and products.

You don’t HAVE to Pay High Prices

The purpose of is to keep prices reasonable and fair. Mitchell says that paying for a funeral is just like buying anything else. Anybody with money-sense in difficult economic times wants to compare products and services and take the one that offers the best at the most reasonable price. Nobody has to pay some of the ridiculously high prices that some unscrupulous funeral directors try to get away with.

Steven Mitchell is quick to add that even though their coffins are cheap, they are quality. He says ‘I don’t sell junk …I couldn’t bear to do that’. He goes on further to say that is merely looking to empower people so that they can arrange a funeral that suits their style and more importantly, their budget. All visitors to the site have to do is fill in a series of forms to plan their own future funeral.

Death is Good Business

Unfortunately it’s true, death is good business, especially in South Africa where Aids deaths are so rife and where the demand for coffins is particularly high. When 2 or 3 people are dying of HIV/Aids in one family, the need for low cost coffins is high. With Aids, death is a daily occurrence, and poor people can’t afford to be paying for one funeral after the next. They basically want a decent hard – or cardboard coffin that will cost well under R500 each. Quite different to traditional wood coffins which can cost well over R1500 each.

South African entrepreneurs are onto a good wicket with selling low-cost cardboard coffins, and with Aids guaranteeing a rising death rate, the low cost coffin business has never looked as lucrative as it does in 2016.

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