Ways to Personalise a Funeral

There is an increasing trend by families and loved ones to personalise a funeral service. This way the family member who died can be remembered and respected. It is also a precious process that helps makes the family feel “closer” to the person who has died. Here we look at ways to personalise a funeral.

Oakleigh Funeral Homes have over 15 years experience and can sit down with the bereaved and listen to the family describe the kind of person they have lost. So by compassionately listening in a calm environment the Oakleigh Funeral Director is able to identify the things that perhaps make a person most happy and suggest ways of personalising funerals.

Ways To Personalise a Funeral

Ways to Personalise A FuneralPERSONALISE THE CASKET

Oakleigh homes can assist in decorating a casket to reflect the deceased personality.


Oakleigh is more than happy to arrange for appropriate music for their systems at a funeral service that perhaps had special meaning for the person who died. In addition, families may ask that a close friend plays the guitar, etc. in remembrance.


There are often boards or tables with pictures of the dead in the areas in use for the service. These can be shown in many imaginative ways.


Oakleigh with their contacts will liaise with local florists and arrange for a special floral spray. For instance, if the person who died was a keen cyclist they can make a floral spray in the shape of a bicycle wheel. They can also arrange floral arrangements for the venue.


There are various ways by which visitors can share their memories of loved ones. Some examples are memory stones on which guests write a special thought. Likewise, other options are lighting candles with memos/writing and attaching memory cards to a tree, etc. A memory book which guests can sign is also an idea.


Oakleigh can help assist in arranging to serve in memory of the deceased some examples of their favourite food.


Oakleigh will dress the dead in any clothing that the family provides.


A personal tribute to the person who has died is one of the best ways to personalise a funeral. Also, consider the reading of a favourite poem.


Oakleigh Funeral Homes can assist in providing a place for a memorial or full service. Oakleigh can also help to arrange for a service held at another venue which perhaps had special meaning to the person who died.


So it has become important for families to want to “CELEBRATE THE LIFE”. Also, personalising a service will do just that.


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