Funeral Cost Issues In South Africa

Funeral costs are governed by the family’s preferences and financial circumstances. The Funeral Director can assist with this. Here we look at Funeral cost issues in South Africa.

Oakleigh Funeral Homes have years of experience in discussing the extent of funerals and advising on the related expenses. So they are very aware that it is often a significant expense and financial load on families. Also, in many South African cultures, funeral and mainly burials are of a large traditional importance.

Funeral Insurance and Pre-Plan – Funeral Cost Issues

Funeral Cost IssuesIt is where funeral insurance provides the deceased family with financial help and assistance. So Oakleigh offers to assist with preplanning these policies. That not only takes the pressure of the household but allows the holder of the policy to know that they have made circumstances much easier for their family.

Three Main Elements Contributing To Funeral Costs – Funeral Cost Issues

Whether the funeral costs are going to be met by family or paid from preplan insurance, the following contribute:

Type Of Coffin Or Casket

These can range from a simple pine coffin through to detailed carved timber. Oakleigh Funeral Directors can sympathetically guide you on pricing. So they recommend as well that you take a little time in deciding what is best considering your feelings and situation. Also, Oakleigh will never push or force any decision on the bereaved.

Disbursements Expenditure

These are the expenses that Oakleigh Homes cover on behalf of the family and paid to third parties. So the type of monies covered would be:

  • Flowers
  • Church fees
  • Doctor fees (For issuing of Notification of Death)
  • Crematorium fees
  • Newspaper notices
  • Hire of organist
  • Catering arrangements.


Funeral Directors Charges/Service Fees

These fees cover all the overhead costs to Oakleigh homes. Included in these charges are the costs of liaising with doctor/clergy, cremations, florists, hearse, etc.The everyday running costs of any business are also in this fees i.e. Training personnel, wages, 24-hour administration.


Settling Of The Account

Oakleigh will take the time to discuss the various payment options open to the family. Any questions will be sensitively answered and a suitable plan arranged.

The person who signs the authorization for a funeral is the person responsible for payment.



Payment before the funeral using Cash/EFT/Cheque/Credit Card.



Submission of account to the deceased estate (conditions apply). However, you must pay a deposit to cover the immediate costs.



Where Insurance underwriters are involved it is normally the case that the family submits the claim themselves directly. Of course, Oakleigh will assist and advise on this where they can.


Oakleigh Funeral Homes offer a complete service when dealing with the financial implications of a funeral. So importantly they pride themselves that no family will be denied assistance.

Oakleigh, also, is available 24 hrs to discuss any funeral financial worries.


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