Outline of a Funeral Programme

When you meet with the Oakleigh Funeral Director, the first thing they will do is relax the family or their representative in a comfortable, familiar setting. Here we will look at the outline of a funeral programme

Even if there is a pre-need plan in place, there will still be a few items to confirm and settle.

The discussion of the funeral programme is broadly broken down into two items:

Choices For Disposal of Remains – Outline Of A Funeral Programme

Outline Of A Funeral ProgrammeCremation

Oakleigh Funeral homes will make all the arrangements liaising with the local crematorium and discuss with you the options available in this regard.


Burial of Remains

Oakleigh will check with the family if there is perhaps a family plot or particular site to bury the body. So Oakleigh will confirm all the arrangements liaising with the family and local authorities.

Burial at sea.

It’s fairly rare in South Africa, and there must have been pre-consent. So the Oakleigh Funeral Director will contact the Department of Health for permits and make the arrangements on the family’s behalf.

 Choices For Types Of Service – Outline Of A Funeral Programme

Holding and arranging a service is important for family and friends to come together to remember and honour the person who died. It can be emotional and exhausting but can also provide great comfort to the family.

Consider the following:

Memorial Service

The coffin is not present and follows by a private or family the only cremation.

Complete Service

The coffin is present. It’s followed by a private/family attendance at the cremation or grave site.

Non-attendance Cremation/Burial

Oakleigh arranges for the cremation/burial. So you can choose the option of a complete service/memorial or no service.

Requiem Mass

Oakleigh can also arrange a special Catholic Requiem Mass, if requested.

Grave Side Service

Oakleigh Funeral Homes will of course help to personalise a service further if requested.



When planning the Funeral Programme. Oakleigh homes will also cover a few other points to consider:

  • Pallbearers – discussion must be held to confirm who and when pallbearers will be utilised.
  • Minister – is there a family minister. If not Oakleigh can arrange this.
  • Organist – Oakleigh can arrange this service if need be
  • Viewing – The family must decide if this is to happen and where.
  • Press notifications – must Oakleigh arrange this on behalf of the family
  • Clothing – will the family provide or Oakleigh can organise a shroud
  • Pacemaker – This is important for a cremation.
  • Jeweller – is there any jewellery that must go to the family or left on.


Finally, Oakleigh will request that the next of kin sign a few necessary documents which confirm the outline of the funeral, apply if necessary for a cremation order and provide a proforma invoice.

So Oakleigh Funeral Homes are experienced in dealing sympathetically with all of the above guiding families through the necessary steps.


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All info was correct at time of publishing