Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

Oakleigh Funeral Homes have many years of experience helping families with funeral services involving cremations. So they are aware that many questions are surrounding this and have made a helpful list of frequently asked questions about cremation. So here we will look at the frequently asked questions about cremation.

Religion and cremation? – Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation

The Christian faith allows for cremations. The Roman Catholic Church as well.

The Orthodox Jewish faith and Muslim religions do NOT allow cremations.

Religious Ceremonies with a cremation?

Frequently Asked Questions about CremationIt is not necessary to have a religious ceremony. Also, Oakleigh can assist if the family would like to arrange for clergy to conduct a service.

Funeral Service with Cremation?

There are various options available. Also, a funeral service can be either at the crematorium of elsewhere. The family can also choose options for a small service at a crematorium for the private family.

Music/Incense at a service at the crematorium?

Oakleigh is happy to arrange for special hymn sheets on request. So an organist is usually available. Also, most crematoria ask that if they want incense at this place at the end of the day.

Necessary Documentation?

Oakleigh will arrange all documentation of families behalf. So the person responsible for the payment must sign the application and discuss disposal of the ashes.

Pacemaker Removal?

It must be removed before cremation as it can explode at high temperatures.

Procedures followed at the crematorium funeral service?

  1. The coffin is put on a support by mourners.
  2. At the moment of committal, the coffin either is drawn behind curtains. Or through a door. It can also be left as is while mourners are in the chapel
  3. Coffin goes to the committal room; name and documentation are carefully checked.
  4. Cremation usually takes place the same day.
  5. The coffin is ALWAYS cremated with the body


Do they cremate more than one coffin at once?       

No only one at a time.

How long does it take for the cremation?

It takes approx 90 minutes.

Will I get the right Ashes?

Each crematorium only disposes of one body at a time.

What happens to the Ashes?

They remove the ashes and cool them down. Then they remove ferrous material magnetically. They then ground it in a machine. So regular adult final ashes weigh approx 2 kg. The family then does what they wish with the ashes.

Which is the more expensive Burial or Cremation?

Typically Cremation works out a bit less.

Can a person leave specific instructions for cremation?

Yes either in the form of a will or written instructions to the Oakleigh Funeral Director.


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