Costs of Funerals in South Africa

How much will a funeral cost in South Africa today? You have to ask yourself that question, to prepare yourself so that you can receive a  dignified funeral. This is a sensible way you can ensure that your loved one won’t have to pay for extra funeral costs. Metropolitan life has developed the solution to this problem.  It has developed an online funeral calculator.  With this calculator, you can determine the costs of funerals in South Africa.

Funeral Cost Calculator – Costs of funerals in South Africa

Costs of Funerals in South AfricaThis calculator will ask one to answer certain questions. When you finish the questions, it will return an estimate for the person’s funeral. This way, an individual is also able to take out a funeral policy that suits them best. Now that they know what they will need in the funeral cover. In modern South Africa, a dignified burial can cost anything from R 40,000 to R 120,000.  When using the calculator, the calculator will also ask first where the said funeral will take place.  It is an estimate that an average funeral in the suburban areas will set one back about R 40,000.  The calculator will take into account all that you would require for a funeral. This includes food, flowers, coffin or any livestock that must be slaughtered for traditional purposes. To bury someone in a cemetery in the suburban areas, will cost about R 44,000.

Funerals can get expensive  Costs of funerals in South Africa

If money is not too much of a problem and one is from the wealthier side of society, then funeral costs can go up to as much as R 100,000.00 with an extra R 10,000.00 for the hiring of tents and marquees as well as venue hire. A closer look at the breakdown of these costs shows the bigger costs as being mainly composed of Undertaker costs, which can cost as much as R 4,500.00.  This covers the costs of preparing the body and all related duties carried out by the undertaker.  The cemetery costs will set one back $4,000.00.

The headstone takes up a significant portion of the total costs of the funeral.  Also, an average headstone will cost you R 7,000.00 while the tombstone will an entry level tombstone will cost R 1,500. If you do not feel the urge for a very expensive funeral, cremation is a cheaper alternative. A cremation would seem a bit cheaper with the incineration costing about R2,500 and an average urn going for about R 250.00 which would be far less than the average casket. The aim of the funeral calculator is to help clients make sure that they have sufficient cover for their funeral.  Clients are able to take out a policy which will make sure they get the funeral they want and deserve while not placing a burden on the loved ones they would have left behind.

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