Funeral Cover for a Baby

Discovery life has various funeral cover products for you and your family. In the unfortunate event that someone in your family passes on.  Death is an extremely painful and sad experience that we all, unfortunately, must face.  However, sometimes before life has even begun, a child is born already lifeless, and this is termed stillborn. In other cases, we get the chance to welcome the child into the world and enjoy their company. Albeit for a short time as the child passes on before the three month birthday. Many funeral cover policies do not cover these incidents. However, at Discovery Life, we provide funeral cover for a baby’s death.


Discovery life – Funeral cover for a baby

With the Classic Funeral plan and the Essential Funeral Plan. Under these two policies, Discovery life covers pay out a lump sum of between R 10,000 and R 60,000. Depending on your actual plan on the stillborn birth of your child. Or the death of your baby within three months of being born. This benefit is available under the “The Classic Funeral Plan” as well as the “Essentialfuneral plan”.

Payment of the lump sum – Funeral cover for a baby

funeral cover for a babyIf your child is stillborn or passes within the first three months of their life. We will pay the amount to either you or your spouse.  After we have received the necessary documents, we will pay out the amount within 24 hours.  Discovery Live will pay out a lump sum so that you can plan a dignified funeral for your loved one. You can also use the lump sum as compensation for lost income while your mourn.

Besides this benefit, under the “Classic Funeral plan”, you have an added advantage of getting a percentage of your premiums refunded to you in cash from the second year of you holding the policy. The percentage of the refund is ten percent in the second year. Fifteen percent in the third year and seventeen and a half percent in the fourth year. This percentage remains at seventeen and a half percent for the remaining lifespan of the policy.

In the unfortunate case of your baby passing on before the third month of life or a stillbirth, there will be cover paid out of R 5000 for the unveiling of the tombstone as well as a lump sum being paid out for groceries during the funeral as well as groceries to be purchased after the funeral. These two funeral policies from Discovery Life, make sure that you can give your child a dignified burial as well as compensate you for lost income while in mourning. For more information, contact your Discovery Life agent.

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