Funeral Plan That Includes Children

1 Life has a funeral plan that can also cover up to 5 children. On the same cover, one can cover ten family members of their choice. This is in addition to the 5 of their children that they can cover. These kids have to be younger than 21 years old. Unless if they are still full-time students, in which case the age limit goes up to 25 years old. When joining, one can add parents or parents in –law who are 75 years or below. All other extended family members will be considered at 65 years old or below. Continue to read about our funeral plan that includes children.

We help you through tough times – Funeral plan that includes children

Funeral Plan that Includes ChildrenAt 1 Life we believe you should not go into debt, to cover the costs of burying a family member. We cover each one of those family members from R 5 000 to R 100 000. The cover for children starts at R1250 for children below five years old with a peak of R10000. For children between 6 and 13 cover is from R2250, peaking at R15000. We will cover the age group 14 to 21 for R 5000 minimum, with a maximum benefit of R 45000.  This payout is made in 24 hours or less of completion of a valid claim and full required documentation. In the first year of joining premiums do not increase. 1 Life conducts a needs analysis to determine how much cover the insured person needs. They choose how much they can pay and therefore which option to take.

Monthly premiums – funeral plan that includes children

The monthly premium amount depends on the primary member’s age. Also the amount of cover they require and the number of people they would like to cover. 1 Life does not require that you have to complete any paperwork to join. It also does not require any medical examinations. We also include the in the funeral cover the repatriation of mortal remains. We will retrieve and move the remains to any location in South Africa. This benefit will apply to all members in the policy. Only the dead policy holder will receive transport along with a single family member or representative. 1 Life also provides advice for all legal requirements such as death certificates and the transporting of mortal remains.

Memorial Benefit – funeral plan that includes children 

A memorial benefit comes with the cover as well as a grocery benefit of R6000. When the principal will pass, we will pay the dependent family R 1000 per month for 6 months.The memorial benefit will pay R5000 a year after the death. This will contribute toward the payment of the tombstone. The cover also has a premium waiver, in the case of the death of the principal member, the dependents on this policy will still be covered for two years without having to pay in any premiums over this period.There is a six month wait period with this policy when a natural death occurs. On the other hand, we will cover accidental death immediately, when they approve the policy. We do also cover death by suicide, although this has a wait period of 24 months.

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